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Anne Cramwinckel


At Mediamatic I am currently project manager of the Kom je Ook? events, Geheugen van Oost, Buurtwinkels, Persinnovatie and Amsterdam Museum Community.

I have worked on events and projects before, as a Programma Officer for PICNIC 07 and 08 and have also been involved in the Spin Awards, IP lezing and TEDxAmsterdam.

Before that, I worked as Programme Associate Officer at the Disaster Management Branch, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Geneva.

I have travelled around the world most of my life and enjoy travelling and meeting people from different environments and backgrounds. Sustainability (in every sense of the word) is one of my main interests...

Sometimes my name is misspelled as Cramwinkel or even Kramwinkel. This text is here so that you can still find me:)
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waardoor er uberhaupt een tafel is


Dank je wel voor mooie en soepele organisatie van KjO6! Riemer

17 Sep 2010,8:40


Hey Anne,

Leuke pitchdag was het!
Zou je Pepijn en mij nog even kunnen plaatsen in het kopje bij WVTTK?

1 Jun 2010,23:30
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