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Dogs shouldn't eat glasses

Diervriendelijk vlees? Ze hebben 'm toch dood gemaakt... Smaakt wel trouwens.

Male looking for Female (23–38)
Goal: Whatever I can get

Country of origin: My native country ∞ I have a love/hate relationship with it Do you want children? Not right now Current number of children: 0 Relational status: Single Religion ∞ I like their buildings God herself: Imaginary friend for grown ups Politics ∞ I don't know Professional: I'm looking for a job Sector: New media Money: The state can support me Housing: Renting Clothing style: Trashy Hair: I shave a lot What part of yourself are you proud of? My friends What do you not like about yourself? I pick my nose Let's discuss weight now: BMI 18 - 25 What do you look like? Like a prince(ss) Snoring: Yes Hobbies ∞ Stuffy stuff
What do you do?

Obsessive, compulsive, passionate

What about your drug use:

Done enough; done now. Love a drink though. Or two..

Cultural background:

I have culture, i like the inherited part for +/- 50% and fight for the other 50% myself.