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Fixed on paper

The web is so flooded with fixed gear reads and pictures that it is hard for a newbie not to get lost. For those looking for efficient and proper enlightenment, we have some good old-fashioned solutions.

Fixed Book

Fixed Book


'Fixed. Global fixed-gear bike culture.' By Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard. Published by Laurence King.

Fixed summarizes the whole history and global culture of fixed gear riding in . visually enticing pages. The book is written by the British Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard, designer and writer respectively and -of course- both fervent cyclists. It is for sale at the Pristine Fixed Gear Shop in Amsterdam. More info on

Once the virus has caught you, the following on- and offline magazines can keep you up to date:

Cog Magazine is “a visual journal captured from behind the bars of city bikers and messengers around the world” edited by an international network of self-declared urban fixed gear geeks. A couple of articles and photos are published online.

Fixed Magazine offers, like Cog, a nice mixture of news and photography documenting fixed gear scenes around the world. This magazine can be downloaded in its entirety on the blog; for your convenience, issue 4 is attached to this post. Moreover, they have announced the publication of a Fixed Anthology this Spring that will include issues 1 to 4 plus bonus material.

If you know any other interesting books or magazines, do not hesitate to react!