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Emina Sendijarevic

Founder of a digital playground

I'm a data researcher, concept developer and digital strategist that specifically enjoys working on interactive storytelling projects. My work revolves around analysing stories and the contexts in which they are consumed to create form and strategy that is sustainable and progressive. It's very 'story driven'.

I founded Studio Spomenik - meaning 'Monument' or 'Memorial' in Yugoslavian - to tell stories that would stand out and last. I do this together with other creatives and researchers via data research, data visualisation, strategy, interactive designs, photography, film and storytelling workshops. Studio Spomenik is the creative playground where we basically look for the best way a story can be told.

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I finished a Ma in New Media with a thesis on 'Surveilling our Selves: New Media Concepts of Privacy in the Age of Governementality' and wrote a research paper on Wikipedia as a cultural reference in 'Neutral or National Point of View: a Comparison of Srebrenica Articles across different Wikipedia Language Versions.' which has been republished in the German and French Le Monde Diplomatique.

After that I worked as Head of Communication and Business Development at Studio Roosegaarde, but my first job was here at Mediamatic.

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15 May 2010,16:53


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