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Bike Crash Portraits

Eyes on damaged faces for Sur Place

For our Sur Place exhibition (May 8, 2010), I'm collecting portraits of people who have crashed with their bike and live to tell the story (and have their picture taken). Please send me your crash Portraits.

Bike Crash Portraits will be displayed as the photography component of the Sur Place show about track, messengers and urban fixed gear culture. The show will open at Mediamatic Bank in Amsterdam on May 8, 2010.

The collection mixes (self) portraits of amateurs and pros. We select the photos that will be part of the exhibit based on the glimmer in the eye of the wounded person offering a damaged face to the camera. We prefer if they appear like a look in the mirror.
This look is a mix of vulnerability, hurt, fear but also curiosity, fascination and sometimes even pride.

Never self pity.

The images are silent and somewhat introspective.
Some self portraits are taken with a telephone, for lack of a mirror. Others are taken with a webcam to share on line, used as a social mirror.

Some pictures are captured by concerned family members or friends. Occasionally a carefully composed, professional looking Hasselblad BW image. And many carefully posed self portraits by crash victims with apparent photographic talent.

When our faces are damaged, it's a good time to study them.
Of course there are numerous damaged face photos out there but those will not become part of the collection. Not if they don’t have this look, the damage must come from a bicycle accident.

So if you know of images that should be part of this collection and exhibition, please drop me a line: or just post on this page. Thank you.