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Less is more surrealism

Lamppost - Tomas Schats

  • 10 sept 2010  –  3 okt 2010
    OnomatopeeOnomatopee, Kanaalstraat 8, 5611 CT Eindhoven Kanaalstraat 85611 CTEindhoven, 

Tomas Schats contests the influence of design upon our environment. Where design attributes its influence as an 'elegant at best' carrier of function and morals, Schats applies absurd visual perspectives upon the constitution of this design.

Schats does so by means of illustration, in the form of a focussed cartoon. His authentic cartoons don’t hover about into the space of an allegorical stage, leaving focus to wander, leaving unanswered questions about plausible relations. Schats's “less is more drawings” do focus, communicating concretely.

A publication is featured alongside this exhibition; a sympathetic flipbook with a short introduction by Freek Lomme, director of Onomatopee and curator of this project, about the work of Schats. The publication's graphic design is done by Onomatopee's Eric de Haas.


10/09/2010 at 20:00