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Excellence is the Standard

by Arthur de Vries. Olieverf op doek. 60 x 40 cm

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I remember a private army /para-militia force used by Augusto Pinochet to suppress opposition - anyone that got in his way or voiced any dissent. He had the country in absolute state of paranoia throughout his 17 yrs rule. So Blackwater is increasing its presence in Iraq and elsewhere - where ever the United States choses to exercise control without accountability. Gianni. Sydney

23 May 2011,2:23


It's an accurate copy of a photograph (presumably a publicity shot) of members of Blackwater, the largest private military contractor in Baghdad at the time.

You can read more about the controversial role Blackwater played in Iraq here:

26 Apr 2011,12:26

dear Victor,

you'll have to come by on Thursday and ask him :)

26 Apr 2011,10:19

Victor Jevsevar

very interesting picture,

What does it portray if i may ask? (In the artists eyes that is)

26 Apr 2011,0:52
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