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Mycelium Art Projects

Art projects concerning mushrooms and mycelium and anything related. No lonely links please - add a little blurb about the project when you add a link. Also mention the country/city the artists is based in. If you have been in touch with the person involved, say so.

Suzanne Lee

She is part of the Bio-Couture project group, which has already been written about on the Mycelium Running blog here.
She makes clothing out of Kombucha cultures. So she brews big vats of Kombucha and then collects the the culture that forms on the top, stretches it and dries it, and either sews or molds it into clothing.
The link to the Bio-couture project is here.
I have emailed her (through her press agent) about our project, asking if she is interested in participating [ Sept.9,2011 ]


She is a sound artist that makes projects that deal with bio-generative feedback from plants. She is using bio-emissions from plants to create dynamic soundscapes.
She is signed to Planet Mu, and here is her page on that site.
I can't find any contact information for her.

Phil Ross

He already has a blog post and an artist page on the Mediamatic site from the Mycelium Running project. He makes buildings and structures out of mushrooms, trying to control the growth patterns and shapes that the mushrooms take.
I emailed him about the project [ Sept.9, 2011 ]
He responded that he is interested, but wants some questions answered about whether it's a continuation of the Mycelium Rising project, etc. [ Sept.12, 2011 ].

Jae Rhim Lee

She is an LA based artist working on a project right now called the "Infinity Burial Project" which can be found online here. This project has a 'mushroom death suit' which is infused with mushroom spores that have been trained to decompose the body after death.
Here personal website is here.
I emailed her about this project [ Sept.9, 2011 ]
She responded that she is interested. Wants more info. [ Sept. 12, 2011 ]

Michel Blazy

Michel Blazy uses unusual and organic materials to create sculptural and installation works. The one that is of most interest to us is "Jus de Nympheas", where he created giant pools of Kombucha cultures that were fermenting tea. The gallery in France that represents him is Galerie Art Concept. His artist page is here.
I emailed him through his gallery [ Sept.9. 2011 ]

Zeger Reyers

Showing typical processes in different biotopes is one of the starting points in the work of Zeger Reyers.

I e-mailed him about doing an Ignite but he is very busy. (Evelyn)

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen is a visual artist, filmmaker, biologist, and author. His research in ecology, environmental pollution and teratology informs his art, which includes bio installations, experimental setups incorporating living organisms and science fiction references.

I e-mailed him about the Ignite. He wasn't in the country, but said I could get in touch with him later on. (Evelyn)

Laura Popplow

I received a message from Laura from a post I made on Fungutopia blog asking how to grow mushrooms on windows she messaged
"I am working now with mushrooms for more than a year as a growing material in art and design and I am cooperating with the Mushroom Research Center Austria, I could probably advise you how to grow best and which mushrooms."
I wrote her back on the AUgust 30th she has not replied but maybe worth another message as she seemed very interested in the project (elizabeth)


Donna Franklin

Donna is a Bioalloy artist from Australia. She made a dress from fungus back in 2007 it is a really beautiful piece. I emailed her about her work On August 30th but have not yet had a reply.
Bioalloy is an ongoing research endeavour into artistic cyborgian systems developed in the FNAS laboratories at the University of Western Australia (elizabeth)

EDHV | Digital Fungus

Edhv is known for its unconventional approach to projects. “We can best be described as architects of identity. We work interdisciplinary so all aspects of identity can be fully integrated."
Digital fungus is a result from an ongoing research in the field of dynamic identities.
It's an digital organism which is released in a physical space, the organism is trained to respond to light areas in the environment, as soon as an organism finds light it starts producing a colony. Video of Digital Fungus: