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Over Datum Eetclub is back

New season, new chefs - but the food is still old

Beginning September 20th 2011 we will cook and dine together again, for the Over Datum Eetclub has reopened its doors. Every Tuesday a different chef will come up with a theme and serve, with the help of the dinner guests, a scrumptious meal made out of expired produce. Join us, and regain faith in your own judgement and senses. Click here for the upcoming edition.

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    Bezoekers genieten van het voorgerecht. Samen met Tinda hebben ze twee soorten soep gemaakt: een Italiaanse tomatenbroodsoep en een Portugese garnalenbroodsoep.

Over Datum Eetclub

This summer we served power food at Mediamatic. We’ve organized six highly successful, sold-out editions and made all sorts of culinary creations out of expired food. And we’ve cooked with the great: Michelin star chef Pascal Jalhay, Mediamatic’s all star Tinda van Smoorenburg and chef de cuisine Robert Bochove. Each chef brought their own twist to the table. In the Bring Your Own Jar edition, guests were asked to, well.., bring their own jar for homemade chutneys and marmalades. During a special ODE we raised money for famine fighting fundraiser Giro555. And with food design duo Ruigwerk, dinner guests created their own menu. Click here for more info about the Over Datum Eetclub, the menu, the guest and what was the thing again with food-waste? and Giro555

With the help of Mediamatic Lab we launched the social network Over Datum Eetclub, that allows for everyone to easily start and share their own Over Datum Eetclub. It’s also a forum for recipes.