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Schommelclub Disco for Kids

Disco hits at the Van Gendthallen

On the last day of the Schommelclub, deejay Stephan Wolven played some kid-friendly soul and disco tunes. Shake your hips and rock the swings one last time.

Van Gendthallen

The Van Gendthallen are prime examples of Amsterdam's industrial heritage. Situated on the Oostenburgereiland, the five industrial halls were abandoned in the mid 1990s. Almost twenty years later, it is still unclear what the new function of these buildings should be. Mediamatic is contemplating moving to the Van Gendthallen. Part of this decision making process consists of organizing a number of experimental projects in the beautiful buildings.

More information

From 16:00 to 19:00. Entrance is €1,- including free swinging. The Van Gendthallen are situated on the Oostenburgereiland. North of the zoo (Artis) and south of the KNSM-eiland. Visit this page for directions. Mediamatic Schommelclub is open daily from December 26 to January 8, between 14.00 and 19.00.

Note: it's cold at the Schommelclub. Make sure to wear warm clothes.