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Mediamatic farmers get together

Aquaponics Group Meeting #1

At Mediamatic we want to start growing our own food and learn how to build a farm. We're starting an enthousiasts group to give it a try and on wednesday 21st we'll have our first meeting. Please RSVP if you want to eat soup with us!

  • Growing Power, Milwaukee - 

    An aquaponic system that involves tilapia or perch (up to 10,000 fish in the 5 ft deep tank), watercress and tomatoes. The water is drawn up through one pump and gravity fed through the potted plants (which remove the nitrogen from the fish waste) and back into the tank where it re-oxygenizes the tank water.
    Photo by Ryan Griffith found on Flickr

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Aquaponics Meeting Nr 2.

I've made a new event for our upcoming meeting next sunday. Make sure to RSVP for the brunch :-) Hope to see you all sunday!

29 Mar 2012,12:05


I will try to be there on time, but might be a bit later due to office hours.
Looking forward though!

21 Mar 2012,14:55

Very decorative aquaponics project

2 new zealand artist made this one in 2008/2009 it's a more original arrangement of the components of the system.

21 Mar 2012,11:12

Informatie delen

Mocht je het leuk vinden om extra informatie mee naar huis te nemen, neem dan een usb-stick oid mee, dan kan je het van mijn computer overnemen. En informatie van jullie kant is natuurlijk ook meer dan welkom! :-)

21 Mar 2012,10:24

Murray Hallam on Aquaponics

Dit is een verkorte versie van de DVD Aquaponics made Easy. Het is een goed filmpje om in een korte tijd te zien waar Aquaponics over gaat en hoe het werkt.

Hopelijk tot woensdag! :-)

19 Mar 2012,11:47
Comments (5)