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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The need-to-knows and nice-to-knows of

Are you having problems logging in? Do you have any concerns about privacy? Do you want to upload a photo to your profile? Do you want to boost your visibility or perhaps reduce it? Find an answer to these questions and more here.

Profile/Getting started

What happens when I register?

When you register for you’ll be placed on the mailing list for our news items. In fact, you’ll be a subscriber. And you get a personal page on the website. Cost: niente.

What are the advantages? And what’s not allowed?

If you register with you can:
- make yourself visible through a profile
- score high on Google search results
- upload photos, or make a portfolio
- contact other users of the site
- put events into our cultural diary yourself
- publish an article on our website yourself
- make a reservation for our activities

If you are really not very keen on visibility, that’s ok. You can adjust the visibility of your page and your data yourself. (also see privacy, and set up visibility).

You are not allowed to spam / send irritating e-mail unasked for to other users. As soon as we see you engaging in questionable practices, we reserve the right to change your profile to inactive.

How do I register?

Registering is very simple. Click on Join network in the menu, fill in your name, email address and a password (and your preferred language). Done! You’re logged in right away and you can create a profile if you want. If you want to continue later, you'll have to click the link in the confirmation email we automatically send you before you can log in again (see how do I log in).

Is there still an ordinary mailing list?

No, we no longer have a mailing list. We send out all our notices via our website. So every subscriber also becomes a user or member of the site. And therefore everyone has a page too.

This page can be visible, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily make yourself visible via, but being invisible is also possible (see setting visibility).

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Privacy and spam

What about privacy?

All email addresses on our website are coded so that spam robots won’t be able to find your email address. You yourself choose your password, we don’t keep it and can’t see it.

If you want your email address and other address data to be invisible, or only visible to friends for example, then you can set this up yourself (see set visibility).

We never pass on contact data to third parties. Only Mediamatic can send you news items about exhibitions, workshops and other projects.

Spam complaints

Although spam robots can't find you, other members – with too much time – sometimes send out spam. If you have received unsolicited mail through the Mediamatic website, please forward the message to . We'll disable this person immediately.


What about copyright?

Everything you create on the website, will have copyright on it. This means that if others want to use the material, they will have to ask your permission first. If you want to give others more freedom with your material, you can use Creative Commons. This allows others to use your material under the circumstances defined by you.

Creative Commons

With Creative Commons you can decide in what ways other people can use your contributions. You can set this for all your contribtions at Preferences in the grey menu bar. When you click on the button Creative Commons, you arrive at the copyright settings.

Choose one of the Creative Commons options and click OK to save your settings. Choose Copyright if you don't want to share your contribution, or if you want others to ask for your permission first. Now you have set your Creative Commons for the entire page.

You can also create seperate settings for photographs, for instance. Click on the image and go to Edit this page in the top menu bar. Click the Copyright icon at the top. Now you can choose from different copyright options again. Your choice will only apply to your image.

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Possibilities with your profile

Setting visibility profile

If you prefer being an invisible member of our website, you can indicate so on your profile page. Click Edit this page and go to Visible to: in the pink menu bar. Now you can choose who are allowed to see your page and who can leave comments. Click OK and Save page once you've made up your mind.

It's also possible to specify the visibility status of your contact information. Click on Edit this page and then on the different visible for buttons in the contact information-field.

NOTE: You yourself can see everything on your own page. Only once you log out you see your page the way the rest of the world sees it.

Setting other visibility permissions

This is only relevant if you wish to make other contributions to the website in addition to your own profile, such as articles, photos or adding events to the cultural calendar.

Log in and go to Preferences in the grey menu bar. You will now see Trust settings. Here you can adjust a few basic settings concerning the visibility of your contributions (for everyone, members of the site, friends, etc), but also who you allow to add comments or keywords etc.

Unsubscribing from mailings

Log in. Go to Preferences in the pink-bar on the right:
- Select Mail settings at the bottom
- Check 'Do not send me mailings' and you won’t receive any more news items.
- Have you decided you want mail again? Then uncheck the checkbox again.

If you really can’t get things to work, or if you’ve lost your password, your log in or both? Send a mail to with 'unsubscribe' in the subject, and we’ll do it for you.

How do I delete my (second) profile?

Very easily. Mail to and tell us which name, and preferably which email address is involved, and we’ll remove your registration immediately.

Are you on our site twice? Or do you get the newsletter in duplicate? Then tell us which of the two profiles you don’t want to use any more. We’ll link them and merge them into one.

How do I change the language setting?

Choose your preferred language at Preferences in the top grey menu bar. Go to preffered language, where you can select a language. Click OK to confirm your choice. The content on our website is sometimes bi-lingual. Then it is possible to choose 'English' or 'Dutch' in the menu bar.
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How do you log in and out?

You log in by clicking Log in in the upper menu bar. You type your email address and the password, and you click 'log in'. Now a pink bar appears at the top of your screen.

If the system doesn't recognize your e-mail address, it's also possible that you didn't confirm your account in the confirmation-mail has sent you. To activate your account, please confirm first. In case you've already lost that e-mail, send a mail.

Your name is on the left corner of that bar, and if you click on it you'll enter your profile. In addition you can look at all your contributions (and update them) by clicking Contributions and going to My contributions. With New contribution you can add events, articles or organisations to our database. Contacts gives a overview of the people you’re linked to (see ((|how do you make contact? #contact) and in Preferences you can adjust the basic settings for your account.

You log out by clicking Log off in the upper menu bar.

Changing your email or password

Go to Log in and click preferences
- Click Change your email address, and click OK
- Or choose a new password and click OK

Help, I've lost my password.

Click on log in at the top of the menu bar, and use the option I forgot my password?. A new screen will open where you can fill in the email address you’re registered with. Click OK and we’ll send you a mail with a link where you can create a new password yourself.

Have you completely forgotten the email address you used to register? Have you tried all possible mail addresses? Then contact us and we can look for the address we have for you in the system. The password is securely encrypted, so we can’t see that. Send a mail to to retrieve your e-mail address.

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How do I RSVP?

It's easy to make a reservation for any event on the website. Go to the event page, and click the 'RSVP' button. If you're not logged in yet, you'll have to do that first. Then, you'll see the event page again. The text of the RSVP button changed to 'You have a reservation'.
You won't receive a notice of you reservation. But don't worry, your name is on the participant list and we know you're coming!

How do I cancel my reservation?

Go to the event page and log in. If you have made a reservation, you'll see the 'You have a reservation' button. You can click this button, and you are asked if you really want to cancel your reservation. Click 'Yes' to cancel your reservation.

How do I buy a ticket?

For some events, you can buy a ticket on the website. Go to the event page. You'll see a button 'Buy a ticket'. If you're not logged in, you will be asked to do that first. Then, you see a screen where you can choose the amount of tickets you want to buy. Click 'buy'. Now you'll see your shopping basket, with an overview of the tickets you selected. Click 'checkout' to select how you want to pay.

There are three options to pay: by creditcard, iDeal, or ask for an invoice. Please note that for some events, the 'Invoice' option is not valid as a reservation. This will be indicated on the event page.

When you finished your payment, you can view your ticket when you click 'Shop' in the menu bar. Here you see an overview of all the tickets you purchased. You will not get an actual ticket. By buying the ticket, you are automatically added to the list of participants.

Did you buy a ticket, but you can't come to the event? Below you'll read how you can give away tickets.

How can I give away tickets?

Maybe you bought a tickets, but you can't come to the event. Then there is the possibility to give away your ticket. To do this, make sure you are logged in. In the menubar, go to 'Shop' and click 'My tickets'. Here you'll find an overview of all the tickets you purchased. Below your tickets, you see a button 'Reassign tickets'. When you click this button, you can search for another user by name. Do you want to give away your ticket to someone who doesn't have a profile? Fill in the e-mail address, click 'Send' and you've just given away your ticket!

Adding things

How do pimp my profile, and add photos, YouTube clips or contacts?

Pimping your profile
Here are a few important tips. Log in first. Click your name in the upper left corner and click Edit this page to get started. Now:
- You can edit the text by typing text in the title, subtitle, introduction and page body. And by clicking Add keywords.
- Add photo's to your profile by clicking the little grey camera on the page. You can upload pictures from your computer or click more options to add pictures from the web or our database.
- Once you've added pictures, you can move pictures vertically by dragging & dropping.
- Add YouTube and Vimeo videos the same way you add pictures. Just make sure you use More option and add the url of the YouTube/Vimeo.

Adding a contact
- Adding a contact is very easy. Search the contact you'd like to add in Search. Specify you're only looking for persons in the search. Add that person by going to his/her profile and click on Add as a contact. Still can't find the contact? Maybe he's not in our database. Invite your contact with Invite in the upper pink-bar. You'll only need an e-mail address to do this.

Are you looking for tips about formatting and layout of pages in anyMeta websites? Then check this out.

How do I add organisations, articles and events?

You can add organisations, articles and events by clicking New contribution in the top menu bar. It's important to check if the organisation already exists, to prevent organisations from appearing twice. Read more here about adding events.

How do I add tags/keywords?

At Mediamatic tags/keywords are very important. To add keywords to your profile, go to your profile page (by clicking your name) and then click Edit this page. Now go to Add keywords; here you can choose a maximum of 10 keywords or come up with some new ones yourself, then click OK. The same applies to all your contributions.

We work with anyMeta, a simple Content Management Systeem (CMS) that is extremely suitable for knowledge management, collaborative projects and story websites. The idea is to add keywords to all of your personal contributions. By choosing your keywords wisely, your content will be matched with related content. That will not only make your contribution visible on the website, but also make it more relevant to read for other users.

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How can I move or delete the photos and announcements on the right side of my profile/ my contributions?

In the right column of your profile, all the things that you are the author of or actor will appear in the upper corner. At the bottom all pictures that you've uploaded or in which you were tagged appear.

You can remove pictures by going to my contributions and deleting the picture. Now, it's not possible to delete pictures you were tagged in. To do this you have to write a mail to

To remove the items in which you were author/actor. Go to my contributions and delete yourself as the author in the specific contribution.

As a rule, you can only update photos or announcements you have put there yourself.

Anything situated on the right-hand side is relevant context that anyMeta has automatically linked to your profile. anyMeta is the CMS developed by Mediamatic Lab which has created the site. That context is based on keywords and other meta data. You can look at the contributions, but you’re not allowed to delete or update them yourself.

Making friends

How do I invite my friends/acquaintances to become a member of Mediamatic??

Go to the heading Invite in the grey menu bar and type the e-mail address of your friend/acquaintance. A personal message is optional. Click OK and your invitation is sent.

How do I send a message to my contacts?

If you want to send a message to a contact, just go to that person's profile page. Below the name of your contact you'll find a button that says Send a message. Click OK when you're ready to send the message.

Where can I view my sent and received messages??

Received and sent messages can be viewed when you go to Your messages in the grey menu bar.

Facebook Connect

You can share the cool things you do with your Facebook friends as well. Simply connect your Mediamatic profile to your Facebook profile. Go to Preferences in the menu bar and select Facebook.
You can choose which things you want to share on your Facebook wall. Go to Preferences and select Notification settings.

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Other questions

Are you still having problems? Send an e-mail to or ring 020 - 6389901 and we’ll help you.