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TINKEBELL. saves the girls in Manila


Every day the cousins Mitch and Cyris (18 and 20 years old) dance on stage at a bar in a touristy part of Manila (Philippines). In exchange for extra 'support' they go home with Korean, Chinese, and often also Western men. Why? Because Mitch's and Cyris' families don't have enough money to take care of all their children. Mitch and Cyris are responsible for their sisters, brothers, and parents. TINKEBELL. met the girls in a bar in Manila and started talking.


TINKEBELL. listened to the girls' stories in horror. Mitch had never been to school, meaning most things needed to be translated by Cyris who had learned to speak English. Heartbroken and slightly embarrassed they spoke about their situations at home. Mitch's father drives a 'tricycle taxi' (a bike with a sidecar), but often only has one customer per week. TINKEBELL. made use of those taxis a lot herself and knew that a ride usually cost between 30 and 80 pesos (50 pesos equals one euro). Up until recently Cyris' father was a construction worker, which enabled him to take care of his family. Then he had a heart attack and became unfit for work. After that both girls were responsible for their families.

TINKEBELL. pressed on and the girls told her about their dreams. Dreams they thought would never come true. The girls seemed to have given up hope. Mitch longed to go to school to learn languages and become a flight attendant. Cyris wanted most to start a business with her mother, selling meat - something you see a lot in the streets of Manila: little stalls where you can buy skewered, barbecued meat.

The plan

TINKEBELL. called her friends in the Philipines to ask if they would help her organize a photo shoot. Not with Mitch and Cyris as the leading ladies, but with herself in the spotlight. By taking her clothes off, TINKEBELL. hopes the girls will be able to keep theirs on. The pictures will feature in a 2013 calendar, and the proceeds will go to an investment fund for Mitch and Cyris.

If your imagination starts going wild thinking about TINKEBELL. in a sexy pose: in exchange for an extra donation, she'll take your directions during the shoot. Make her do whatever you want, and have the picture included in the calendar.

Nonka, a Dutch designer, will design the calendar.

The minimum wage in Manila is around €6,- per day. The proceeds from the calendar should be high enough to make Mitch's and Cyris' dreams come true.


1 You can buy a calendar for only €20,- (+ shipping costs!) Below you can find payment information.
2 Of course every donation is welcome! When you donate €20,- or more, you will receive a calendar.
3 Donate €100,- or more and you will receive one of the pictures as a postcard, signed by me.
4 Donate €500,- or more and you get a signed print (A4) of one of the pictures.
5 Donate €1000,- or more and let me know how you want me to pose. Yes! I'll do whatever you'd like me to do (!) (and you get a signed picture of course).

Please send your money to

BANKACCOUNT NR. 10 24 89 750
IBAN NL55 RABO 0102 4897 50
Rabobank Amsterdam (NL)

Or use Paypal:

Be sure to include your address. And please add shipping costs when you want to buy the calendar:
The Netherlands: €3,-
Europe: €8,-
Anywhere else: €12,-

All the proceeds will be sent to Mitch and Cyris to enable them to stop selling their bodies and start following their dreams!

Thank you!

More information
The calendar will be presented in Okober

update Sept. 21st

Only a few days after the shoot with the photographers from 'everywhereweshoot' and stylist (and hat and corset designer) Mitch Dulche, the harddisk with all the files on it crashed.
They brought the harddisk to a recovery lab in Manila, but unfortunately, today they heard that their harddrive had a serious internal problem that can’t be fixed and it's not possible to retrieve the nude photos they made of me for the calendar to SAVE THE GIRLS.

Yes, that's terrible!

But I won’t give up.
Earlier this week I got a message from my friend Mirjam Muller, she heard about the problem and she's a photographer too. Mirjam offered to re-shoot the photos to SAVE THE GIRLS in case I needed to do a re-shoot.

So, next week, on Sunday Sept. 30 I will pose (naked!) again to make the calendar.
For the first shoot I offered the opportunity for sponsors: When you make a donation of 1000,- (Euro) or more, I will pose however you want me to and this photo will be part of the calendar.
Yes, I got some donations and suggestions, but we do have some months left, so YES!: Spend your money and let me know what you want me to do! -To SAVE THE GIRLS of course!!!

TINKEBELL. has been traveling around, saving the world for a while now. She saved a dog in Gambia, a family in Guinea Bussau, 69 turtles in China and a slum village in Peru. More information on this website, and on

Comments (13)

Re: Re: stop her sick "art"

Janine:Katinka Simonse (=TINKEBELL), a 31 year old female living in Amsterdam, has been killing innocent animals and getting away with it. These horrible acts have been looked over because she killed these animals in the name of “Art”

You have been killing animals too Janine. You're just not ready to admit it yet. Maybe you should try and understand things before you form an opinion based on false notions.

24 Sep 2012,13:20

Re: stop her sick "art"

Katinka Simonse (=TINKEBELL), a 31 year old female living in Amsterdam, has been killing innocent animals and getting away with it. These horrible acts have been looked over because she killed these animals in the name of “Art”.

18 Aug 2012,13:49

stop her sick "art"

Katinka Simonse, a 31 year old female living in Amsterdam, has been killing innocent animals and getting away with it. These horrible acts have been looked over because she killed these animals in the name of “Art”.

18 Aug 2012,13:46

ends justify the means

i am not buying this story. the intention is good though, if real. but do you really have to undress to help? it's like glorifying pornography?

16 Aug 2012,11:05


that's really awesome! i just hope that they are really saying the truth.

11 Aug 2012,19:11

Good Luck!

I hope your project will be a success. I hope as well that you are not being taken advantage of..

10 Aug 2012,20:05

You're an amazing person

You make me want to change the world too.

10 Aug 2012,17:42

Keep at it!

You're the bomb, Tinkebell! And creative too! Keep at it please, the world truly needs saving.

Reyna Tan
10 Aug 2012,10:16

i smell a scam

once a week? i have never heard such story. even the shabbiest pedicab/tricycle cannot have that kind of sales. i know because there are some distant relatives who owns one and uses it as their source of income. and to own one is quite an achievement. most of those drivers just rent them and return it at the end of the day with the payment for it and some extra as their home pay.
i hope you're not being fed make-up stories just so you could help them. im not being a hater or anything coz im also a filipino but they are from a club and girls from there know how to wiggle their selves in any situation to the point of making up stories just so people would symphatize and give help. just be careful. you're a foreigner and you dont know much how the system works here. though your intentions are good, there are still a lot of people who will take advantage of that.

10 Aug 2012,8:08


im so impressed, your passion to help must be commended, it is pure and sincere=) i wish there could be more tinkebell=)

9 Aug 2012,8:16

You are amazing!

You are amazing! Bravo!!!

9 Aug 2012,6:01


wat fantastisch Moritz!!

7 Aug 2012,12:09

logisch toch

Moritz Ebinger;
ik ben ook op reis straks als ik in Nederland ben koop ik graag een kalender. Kan ik anders helpen? Bijvoorbeeld zo;
Koop nu een popsong over tinkebell op een rode 33/3 touren grammofoonplaat voor € 88.- (de officiële prijs voor dit kunstwerk, incl. een tekening door Moritz Ebinger over de rode buurten) en dan gaan direct 55.- naar Manila

moritz ebinger
7 Aug 2012,11:56
Comments (13)