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Mediamatic Fabriek volunteers

Mediamatic Fabriek is Mediamatic's new location on Oostenburgereiland. Since December 2011 we have been experimenting with the space's possibilities through public exhibitions, events, workshops and parties. We're looking for neighbours to help us with our activities.

Join us and help build a new, dynamic, and interesting spot in the neighborhood. You can visit our events for free and you'll get free tickets to give to your friends. In exchange we would like you to volunteer a minimum of once a week from 14.00 till 19.00 between


As a Schommelclub volunteer you help us take care of the swingers, trampoline jumpers, and balance beamers. You look after quenching their thirst and, when necessary, dabbing the sweat off their foreheads. From August 2 to September 22 the Schommelclub opens its doors again. We're looking for volunteers who are available between 14.00 and 19.00.

Interested? Please get in touch! Call 020 638 9901, send an e-mail to or take a look in Mediamatic Fabriek.