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The Gezi Movement's Future Victories

Commemorating the successes we will achieve in the future

We organize an event one year from now on the 31st of May 2014, let's say at the Vondelpark... to celebrate the victories we have yet to achieve. These successes haven't been achieved yet, of course, but that is where the fun starts... We'll come up with these success stories by ourselves..

What are the changes and improvements we want to see in 1, 5, 10 years from now? What are the stories we want to hear in the news, once our 'problems' have been solved? What do we want our politicians to be debating... discussing... quarelling... fighting over? What has changed for minorities, workers, students... Be bold & creative, the Milky Way is the limit ;)

Purpose is to remember ourselves what we are striving for, convince ourselves that we can achieve our dreams and also show 'non-believers' what a better world could look like...

To capture these success stories we can probably use facebook. I'm not sure if we need to create a webpage for that. I'm not the expert in these things...

We might also connect the 'Gezi Tree' project with this project, if there is going to be a physical celebration in one year... (assuming that we manage to keep a tree alive for at least one year*)