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Nick Verstand

Project Manager Bio Design

Manage & develop innovative bio based concepts and products in collaboration with a group of artists, architects, fashion designers and mushrooms experts in order to create novel sustainable solutions.


● Myco Design Lab: research new mycelium based material applications with a group of artists, fashion designers and architects. Looking for suitable growth mechanisms and genetic modification of the organism in order to create future materials for fabrics, buildings and products.
Partners: University of Utrecht, Maurizio Montalti

● Concept & build of a local "Living Roof" facility of for the slums in Cape Town, SA. In collaboration with the Department of Design, Droog Design and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

● Create 100% sustainable isolation by growing mycelium within the 3D print canal house structure elements with DUS Architects.

● Research & develop mycelium based wall isolation panels for a new housing project in Amsterdam North. Partners: Technical University of Eindhoven, Maurizio Montalti,,

● Organize monthly BioTalks & Workshops featuring keynote presentations by scientists and artists researching new bio materials and applications.

● Building a Cleanroom lab environment for contamination free experiments

● Quarterly meetup of experts from the university research department and industry to discuss future possibilities and applications of these materials
Partners: CNC Exotic Mushrooms, University of Utrecht, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Techincal University of Eindhoven, Officina Corpuscoli

● BIO ME event on 18-20 september. Program and organise a 3 day symposium feauturin the program lines mentioned above.