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Drone Camping

Fly, hide, relax and play with Rob Sweere, Jimmy Cauty and Sarah van Sonsbeeck

One of the most beautiful weeks of the Lightness festival was Rob Sweere's Whiteness show. Larger than life inflatable sculptures and audio drone to meditate in. We're showing Rob's pieces again but now in combination with Sarah van Sonsbeeck's Anti Drone Tent and Jimmy Cauty's amazing Aftermath mega installation. Come to the Drone Camping exhibition and enter a space filled with objects for you to hide, play, and step in to.

Plus we offer you the chance to come and fly your drones in our amazing exhibition space. Only every Saturday from 1 till 3.

Free entrance for pilots on Saturday! (sorry: fuel burning UAS/UAV are prohibited in our space)

  • Exhibition view Whiteness - 

    the Inflatable sculptures by Rob Sweere are the landscape for our flying exercises. Exhibited at Mediamatic during his week of Whiteness. As part of the Lightness project.


Every saturday, between July 19 and August 31, from 13.00 till 15.00 the Drone Camping exhibition will turn into a drone test field and playground. If you own one, bring your UAS, quadcopter or any other RC flying device and start to fly in our 1000 sqm arena is a spectacular fly-zone.

For people interested in seeing drones fly it is also possible to come in at these times and see the aerial action. Entering the exhibition at those hours will be at your own risk and requires you to wear a hard hat.

Additional rules
- Drones with a wingspan of over 25 cm are not allowed to fly during our free flying hours. If you do however want to fly with a bigger aerial vehicle, contact us and we can see if we can set something up.
- Carbon-fiber propellers are not allowed.

We opened a discussion forum about our free flying rules at Drone Forum

Important note: We do not provide the drones for you. It's only possible to fly if you bring your own device.


The exhibition consists of works of Rob Sweere, Jimmy Cauty and Sarah van Sonsbeeck. All works relate to the subject of a future world filled with impulses, noise, radiation and distress. Read more about their works underneath.

Jimmy Cauty

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Continues is a bizarre twisted model village by musician, record producer, artist and cultural provocateur Jimmy Cauty. The vast 1:87 scale model landscape is desolated, deserted, destroyed, burnt and devoid of life apart from 5000 or so model police that attend this apocalyptic aftermath. Presented in the Glass House in the Mediamatic Fabriek, the installation leaves you with unnerving experience.

Drone 2.0 sound wave transformer by Rob Sweere

Drone 2.0 sound wave transformer by Rob Sweere


The Drone 2.0 is Rob Sweere's soundwave transformer creation for Whiteness

Rob Sweere

Rob Sweere's work was previously shown during the Whiteness exhibition, which was part of our Lightness program.

Vortex and Silent City

These white, huge inflatable sculptures offer a moment of calm and purity within our hasty lives. Enter the installation and lie down in it's centre to escape your surroundings.

Drone 2.0

Take place in the giant speakers of Drone 2.0 . A sound installation for 4 people.


Be your own work of art by wearing one of Rob Sweere's headpieces. They will offer you different perspectives on life and your surrounding and also make great props for photos.


A boat trip to Heaven will also drift on the waterside of our urban beach. Two people can take place on this boat and enjoy the serenity and bliss which is provided by the sky above us.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Anti Drone Tent

The works of Sarah van Sonsbeeck concern politics, privacy and silence and range across all sorts of media.
Her Anti Drone Tent is a small construction of emergency blankets that blocks infrared sensing, making it invisible to drones.

In the past Sarah's work has been shown during the Dread exhibition in De Hallen, Haarlem. An exhibition about art and fear in the age of technological acceleration.

Anti Drone Tent, 2013
Materials: thermal blanket, frame
Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam

Why Drone Camping?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are becoming very common in many areas. They are revolutionizing the areal photography practice and enabling DIY mapping projects, but are also invading privacy and are used in deadly strikes. Drone Camping offers both a care-free flying zone and a reflective exhibition space.


19 July / 31 August 2014
daily : 13:00 - 18:00

Mediamatic Fabriek
VOC-kade 10,
Van Gendthallen, Amsterdam

Get your ticket now and become a Mediamatic Member* by clicking on the member button, in the top left corner. Free entrance for Pilots.

You become a member by registering on the web site and pay 5euro for two months (9weeks). The membership gives free admission to events and discount on drinks. We will also send you mailings about our program unless you opt out of that service.
You can Facebook connect or just make a local account. It is not necessary to reveal your identity if you do not like that.

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12 Nov 2014,1:52

Ik kom morgen vliegen!

Zaterdag wil ik om 13:00 langs komen om te vliegen met mijn DJR Phantom Drone. Zijn er nog andere mensen die dan komen met een Phantom. Leuk om ervaringen uit te wisselen. Groet Peter Roosenstein
Een link toevoegen lukt niet. (FF kippen plakken)

26 Aug 2014,19:26

Re: Re: Gaaf!

Tibor Bijl:
Rob Mankor:Ik kom aanstaande zaterdag langs!! Ook leuk voor mensen zonder drones toch?
Jazeker! De tentoonstelling is gewoon van 1 tot 6 geopend. Alleen tussen 1 en 3 zijn de drones welkom en dan is toegang van de expositie op eigen risico. Maar geen zorgen, we hebben helmen om je te beschermen.

Leuk! Jullie zien me wel verschijnen!

11 Aug 2014,15:34

Re: Gaaf!

Rob Mankor:
Ik kom aanstaande zaterdag langs!! Ook leuk voor mensen zonder drones toch?

Jazeker! De tentoonstelling is gewoon van 1 tot 6 geopend. Alleen tussen 1 en 3 zijn de drones welkom en dan is toegang van de expositie op eigen risico. Maar geen zorgen, we hebben helmen om je te beschermen.

7 Aug 2014,10:41


Ik kom aanstaande zaterdag langs!! Ook leuk voor mensen zonder drones toch?

5 Aug 2014,17:34

Re: Wat leuk!

Jelte Keur:
Ik kom aankomende zondag met mijn vriendin en ik neem mijn drone ook mee.
Tot dan!

He Jelte, om teleurstelling te voorkomen wilik toch nog even melden dat er ALLEEN op zaterdag tussen 13.00 en 15.00 gevlogen kan worden! Alle informatie staat ook in de tekst hier.

17 Jul 2014,10:24

Wat leuk!

Ik kom aankomende zondag met mijn vriendin en ik neem mijn drone ook mee.
Tot dan!

16 Jul 2014,13:45


Wat leuk! Hier ga ik zeker heen als ik weer eens in Amsterdam ben.

2 Jun 2014,13:37
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