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video performance | video installation | participative art

In 2006 Alex Zitzmann and Anso Raybaut met, creating and touring with the dance company Senza Tempo. They quickly realised that they share the same interests in site specific art work and relating live art forms with the public. With the video performance “Cube Pusher” they presented their first independent work at Loop Video Art Festival in Barcelona, collaborating with artists from different backgrounds and disciplines (architecture, music, perfromance, film).

All our projects have in common that they use an exceptional approach to demonstrate the broad possibilities of video-installation and performance. Staying away from the idea of a fixed projection screen and performance stage, we are keen to experiment with a variety of projection backgrounds and performance spaces. The borders between reality and the projected image become blurred, the spectator gets involved into the on-screen and stage actions. The whole space is converted into a new abstract world - a universe of projected image-objects, integrated space and live action, that can be stepped into and enjoyed by the viewers. A new dimension absorbs the existing space... and provides a novel consciousness of experiencing the space, making it tangible. The spectator is set into the art-space and becomes part of a different world.

: dance companies, media centres, art centres, cultural organisations

: AnSo t. + 34 690 00 58 64 Alex t. + 34 690 00 58 64 e. w.

Contact information

08003 Barcelona