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Martin jr. Marsoeki

TheTunnel / GR2GR / hiphophobbyklub is an open formula in the areas of marketing, communication, management, positioning and personal development. This with a specialization in music, entertainment, pop culture, youth and street culture.

TheTunnel / GR2GR / hiphophobbyklub advises, supports, creates, develops, manages, promotes, connects and explains. The format was created in 2001 by Martin Marsoeki Jr. ( SOEKIakaDRC ) and works closely with a large network of leading underground places. The work of TheTunnel / GR2GR / hiphophobbyklub generating free publicity for fundraising and developing marketing strategies to music distribution.

This is "ONLY" on the Underground network level / levels.

Our motto ...... Less Is More!

Give Respect 2 Get Respect

TheTunnel (1 apr 2001 – now)
Martin jr.MarsoekiMartin jr. Marsoeki

Martin jr.Marsoeki