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delicious not cheesy

Female looking for Male (22–35)
Goal: Whatever I can get

Television Planning/Communications Engineering/One night in Beijing, who are you? and where do we meet this short life...

Country of origin: China My native country ∞ I have a love/hate relationship with it Do you want children? Not right now Current number of children: 0 Relational status: Single Religion ∞ Monotheistic God herself: Is great Politics ∞ I don't care Professional: I'm employed Sector: New media Money: I have a day job Housing: Shared apartment Clothing style: Elegant Hair: Dark What part of yourself are you proud of? My inner beauty What do you not like about yourself? I stick my nose in places where it does not belong Let's discuss weight now: I'm fine, thank you What do you look like? Next question Snoring: I don't know Hobbies ∞ Brainy stuff Bad habits ∞ I'm lazy
What do you do?

tedious/enjoyable works like research and interview on artists and curators, sometimes Im just playing a translation role in the L.A.B, teach british girls mathematics, good tourist guide if you find me

What about your drug use:

Who cares that much, drink something makes me exciting and peaceful

Cultural background:

born in south of china, and influenced by Taiwan Culture greatly in childhood, then I studied in beijing for so long, easily fell in love with numerious artists, philosohy poet, electronic rock band recording director, the mixture of western and oriental always found in this mega city...tribal and mysterious passengers walk me through