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Debate 9 English  Nederlands

Packaging the urban environment

Third session by think tank InBetween

InBetween presents the third in a series of meetings about the urban environment, on June 5 at Mediamatic. This session's theme was "packaging". Speakers Mika Cimolini, Suzan Kuppens and Toine van Goethem related the theme to the built environment.


Packaging architecture is the term that InBetween invented a year ago, while internally discussing the ongoing effort of a contemporary architectural production. InBetween was searching for the term that would describe a condition, where architectural production, and perhaps also the interest, gets solely focused on the design of the external skin or sheltering façade, often independently or even unrelated to its internal content or function.

Three speakers tried to relate the concept of packaging to the built environment. Mika Cimolini (Ljubljana office of Elastik), Suzan Kuppens (designer behind Colour by SAM and trend analyst) and Toine van Goethem (project leader Zuidelijke IJoevers) each shared their insights on the instrumentalisation of the surface of buildings, real estate blocks and other relevant structures behind the “make-up of a box” condition.

About InBetween

InBetween is a think tank established by Freek Dech and Igor Kebel of Elastik Architecture. Its aim is to regularly discuss matters of common concern during cross-disciplinary events. However, all sessions deal with topics related to the urban built environment.