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Mediamatic Magazine

New media and culture

The first Mediamatic Magazine appeared in 1986. Mediamatic Off-Line, an irregularly published series of CD-ROM and DVD projects, was its continuation until 2007. On the right side of this page you can view the editions of Mediamatic Magazine and Mediamatic Off-Line.

Mediamatic Magazine

Mediamatic was established in 1983 as a meeting place for television- and video artists and theorists. Three years later Mediamatic Magazine was born: an internationally published quarterly about art and new media. It quickly acquired a legendary status among new media lovers around the world. In 1993 Mediamatic went online and every subsequent Mediamatic Magazine was accompanied by a CD-ROM.


In 2000 Mediamatic continued its publications under the title Mediamatic Off-Line. Mediamatic Off-Line was an irregularly appearing series, always connected to an autonomous artistic project that was presented on the accompanying CD-ROM or DVD. Mediamatic published a number of now (in)famous CD-ROMS created by Gerald van der Kaap, JoDi, Doors of Perception and Florian Thalhofer. The last edition of Mediamatic Off-line appeared in 2007.