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Michael Jackson Farewell party

Dancing and crying all the way to the bank

Friday 26th of June 2009 Mediamatic hosted a Farewell party for the King of Pop. From all over Amsterdam and other cities in the country people came to the Mediamatic BANK to pay their respects and do what MJ loved to do, dance.

We remembered the time with videos and over 40 years of music by this legend. Visitors could sign the Goodbye Michael Jackson condolence register with their ikTag. These sympathies were streamed live to the Mediamatic website and to Twitter where there was also a live condolence register. It was a night to remember!

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6 Nov 2014,16:34

19 Jun 2010,23:28

Thanks for the party!

Best way to pay tribute, dancing like crazy on MJ's tunes!

27 Jun 2009,17:36

27 Jun 2009,14:41

goodbye child molester

your fame and fortune bought you the chance to silence the kids you sexually abused

27 Jun 2009,0:10

Thank you

26 Jun 2009,22:34


26 Jun 2009,20:25


the King is dead, God save the King!

26 Jun 2009,18:39

Rest in peace

Hij was de koning!

26 Jun 2009,18:09

almost a fan

at last you are in forever in neverland
at the mediamarkt they were selling your albums as never before.
Farewel King of Dead artists

26 Jun 2009,17:40

don´t stop til you get enough

26 Jun 2009,17:31

Toch geen comeback...

26 Jun 2009,17:20

26 Jun 2009,16:53

R.I.P. dude.

Yes indeed. Rest in peace Michael.

26 Jun 2009,16:49


You will be missed...

26 Jun 2009,16:36
Comments (15)