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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog

Deconstructing Systems: A Car

Taking apart a Fiat Panda in order to understand the world

During the course of ten days, Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers will completely take apart a car. The car is exemplary for the complex and incomprehensible systems that surround us and by deconstructing it they will try to tackle and understand these. The event will take place in our ...

Are all lives equal?

Live performance: Soot-o-Mat by Špela Petric

Do you value some lives above others? Špela Petric's Miserables Machine: Soot-o-Mat is an artistic installation which questions the notion of equality between living organisms. Coming Saturday you will have the chanc...

Opening: Deconstructing Systems: A Car

Taking apart a Fiat Panda in order to understand the world

The slow explosion of a Fiat Panda.
The rush of doing something you do not fully master.

Join us coming Friday 15 for the opening of Deconstructing Systems: A Car. A performative act, exhibition and week long program by ...

Zuursalon: Let's talk Vinegar

On Speed-Vinegar, Balsamic, Mothers and Conservation.

Ever wondered what that strange layer of growth on top of your vinegar was? 'Mother of Vinegar' is a cellulose and acetic acid bacteria substance which ferments alcohol into vinegar. At this edition of Zuursalon we will investigate vinegar in all it's shapes and uses. From the makings of Speed-Vi...

WDCD Afterparty

Official What Design Can Do afterparty with drinks and music

The WDCD afterparty is back in town! At the end of two days of talks, workshops, performances and inspiration, it's time for a visit to the dancefloor.

Entrance is free / Facebook

Public Intimacy

Pis'Talk 8: A toilet deconstruction and bodily transmutations

Is it possible to improve a lady's pee experience? Is it only a matter of product design? Or do we need to start looking into body-modifications and urinal-prosthetics? At Pis'talk: Public Intimacy designers Bettina Möllring and Agi Haines will speculate on the perfect woman's urinal. From gende...

  • Stand up and enjoy the urination - 

    The Stand Up is a biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory that helps women keep their distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere.
    Founded in San Francisco in 2014, the Stand Up Movement is helping women everywhere to find their feet and Stand Up for themselves.
    More information:


Exploring Synthetic Biology with Film Screenings.

Far from limiting itself to the manipulation of existing genomes, synthetic biology aims to both redesign life and create the unnatural, in accordance with the principles of engineering. BIO-FICTION explores this emerging field with a film program that focusses on the tension between science and ...

  • Video Still from the short movie: Living Earth - 

    What if food were consumed alice, asa fictional character? What if food was able to play with our cutlery or create hyper-sensations in our mouth? Ink this film, dishes are living, moving, created things. Beautiful and stomach-churning at the same time.

Glamdown at the Mediamatic Ballroom

Hosted by Naivest Elf & Nearly Not There Records

"In the emerging field of Life-Sciences and Bio-Design there is an expanding need for substantive collaboration."

Wild Time is back! Join us and dance your Friday night away with great food served 'til late and even greater tunes played 'til even later. You can expect scintilla...

Fermenting Fish

Zuursalon: Pieter Kaptein, Geert Dekens, Alice de Jong - Tokowijzer, Bianca Snoek, Jeroen van Wieren - Salsamentum

From the dreaded Swedish cans of Surströmming to ‘Garum’ style fish sauce. At this edition of Zuursalon we'll explore one of the strongest ferments there is: rotting fish. With a little help from salt, the Sun and the fish's own bacteria many cultures in the world have been able to transform...

  • Surströmming in a can - 

    This fermented sour haring is a delicacy in the Nordic region. The fish is fermented for over 6 months leading to a distinct scent and flavour.

    Image by: Mats Fallqvist from county museum Gävleborg

Tune in to the Non-Human

Biotalk with Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Dewi de Vree, Paul Seidler, Cateringa & Kompanen

How can we interact with the Non-Human?
Humans depend on their senses to perceive their environment. But what happens if an additional factor is added to our perception? Tonight we will explore the different ways in which we can connect to our natural surroundings by using our breath, touch...

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