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Kunst en nieuwe technologie in Amsterdam. We onderzoeken de mogelijkheden en uitdagingen die nieuwe technologie biedt aan kunst, design en samenleving. Je bent welkom om mee te doen.

Mediamatic Blog

Material Metamorphosis

Biotalk with Emilie van Spronsen, Sarah-Linda Forrer and Tetsuro Oike

The speakers of this Biotalk will make us revalue certain materials in life we take for granted. How come all over the world there are chicken materials in consumer products that we don't know of? And how come we regard bodily waste as waste and not as something of vital importance? Join this edi...

  • H5N8 stool, Emilie van Spronsen - 

    All over the world chicken meat is consumed and chicken materials are applied in countless consumer products: From shampoos to car tires, and from fireworks to pillows. However chicken material is used, it remains invisible. The seat of H5N8 Stool is made of coloured chicken feathers embedded in bio-epoxy. It seems to reveal the inside of a pillow, as the chicken feathers float in transparent epoxy. Although the shape looks light and soft, it feels rigid.

    Picture made by Anna Claire de Breij

Architecture of Crisis

Pis'Talk 7: How to survive inside the Mediamatic spaceship with urine, bioreactors and aquaponics

Have you ever wondered what it is like to survive in a spaceship? At this edition of Pis'talk, we explore how the bleak landscapes of our own planet can serve to reveal many things about human intellectual and spiritual challenges and can connect the gaps between physiology and technology. We wil...

The Psychology of Smell

Odorama 7: Dr. Garmt Dijksterhuis, Prof. Dr. E.P. Köster and Margherita Soldati

At Odorama we actively engage with our senses and explore everything that reaches and effects the nose. Tonight we will explore the psychology of the sense of smell from a broad point of view: from the effects of smells on human behavior, to the use of odour as a marketing strategy. Odorama is co...

Meet Agi Haines

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the Bio-Artist.

As well as attending Agi Haines' Prototyping Bodies masterclass, you can now sign up for one of her monthly consultation sessions. During these meetings you can discuss anything from project ideas to practical problems encountered with your own bio-art.

To sign up, please send an email to...

Wild Time: Third Edition

with DJs Cosime, Seamus, & Toby Wolf

Let's dance and get wild! On the first day of May we invite you and your friends to Mediamatic's waterfront for a cosy Sunday matinée with Djs Cosime (Nous'klaer), Seamus (Nearly Not There Records) and Toby Wolf. ...

Aquaponics Workshop

Learn to build Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. It is one of the best ways to produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. The fish poo feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. Not a drop is wasted. ...

Rein Beer Fest

Beer festival celebrating 500 years of Reinheitsgebot

Please note that we made some changes to the program and Tickets! You can now visit Saturday nights program for only €15,-

From minimalistic Pilsner to typical Ossi-beers. On the weekend 0f 23rd and 24th April we will celebrate the 500 year existence of Reinheitsgebot with a program fil...

Biotalk: Eat-a-ble

With Masha Ru, Giulia Soldati and Vita Stasiukynaite

Psychological disorder, or genius diet? Geophagy is the practice of eating soil, while contatto is a new culinary culture that proposes a new approach to the materiality of food. Artist Masha Ru awoke curiosity by producing a series of edible ceramic cups and invites you to eat clay and share you...

Meet Zeger Reyers

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist

A new breed of artists is on the rise. They work with living matter, nature and present work with a strong emphasis on biology and life sciences. In this emerging field of Bio-Art and Design there’s need for extensive collaboration, not only between the different disciplines involved, but also ...

Melksalon: Proeven op eigen risico.

Moleculair, Bacterieel, Boers en Bio-divers.

Over rauwe melk valt veel te zeggen, maar soms is het beter het verschil te proeven! Zaterdag 9 April kan je bij de Melksalon terecht voor een collectief smaakexperiment. Samen met een voedseljournalist, danser, smaakdeskundige en 'synestheet' vergelijken we de rauwe melk van 5 boeren uit de omge...

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