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El HEMA forum

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    Aug 07 - Jan 08: Hema is the manifestation of Dutch culture. With an eye on Arabic-Dutch art, Mediamatic wondered what an Arabic Hema would look like. El HEMA was born. Five new Arabic fonts were launched, and a design competition was set up to track down the ultimate EL HEMA products. During a fashion show burka-clad girls strutted the catwalk, only to have their burkas playfully lifted by a gust of air, revealing models wearing t-shirts with Arabic pick-up lines. Throughout the opening weekend hordes of people waited in line to enter the shop. The exhibition provided a glimpse into modern Arab culture.

Op 24 augustus 2007 opent de El HEMA tentoonstelling. Dit is de online ontmoetingsplaats voor deelnemers aan de voorbereidingen.

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El Hema - Dutch Design Prize? - mmmm

by D P, 16 Nov 2007,11:16
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El Hema ontwerpwedstrijd

by , 5 Sep 2007,14:23
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Schone Kleren Kampagne

by Anne Schraagen, 26 Aug 2007,11:39
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Text for interior textiles

by Willem Velthoven, 30 Jul 2007,9:38
29 Mar 2011,9:49
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Text for clothing

by Willem Velthoven, 29 Jul 2007,23:45
Ino Paap
10 Aug 2007,13:39
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Brainstorm el HEMA products

by Annelies de Bruine, 4 Jul 2007,16:22
29 Mar 2011,9:49
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Arabisch v.s. Islam

by Willem Velthoven, 14 Jun 2007,17:13
9 Oct 2009,1:19
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longlist halal

by Willem Velthoven, 14 Jun 2007,16:31
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