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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog

Slum Sessions #11

Unusual building advice

At this session provided wisdom from a creative garbage architect and a list of our leftover materials. We also discussed building schedules, electricity availability and all that fun stuff.

Make an inflatable

Learn to inflate your imagination

We visited Theo Botschuijver, a master of inflatables and a maker of dreams. Theo showed us around his studio and explained how to start making an inflatable structure.

Slum Sessions #10

Put it down in tape

It's time for the true purpose of our favela - making stuff. At this session we explained everything you need to know to begin building and start making stuff.

More and more people are discovering this little miracle board, but only a few know how to use it. That's where we come in! In this workshop you'll learn everything you need to know to get started.

Ignite Amsterdam 24

12 presentations x 5 minutes

We're starting the new year fresh! That means we have rounded up twelve speakers with great and in one case a really small idea. Into indie mags, photography, hottubs, trees, culinary misfits, or a combination of the above? Want to know how to turn a pinball machine into a drawing device? Join us...

Slum Sessions #9

What's the plan?

We are building a favela inside Mediamatic Fabriek. But what will our city look like? How can we generate heat, how do we feed people, and how will we clean up our shit? A group of designers and doers has been meeting to find the answers. On Tuesday these future citizens presented their ...

  • What's the plan? - 

    During Slum Sessions #9 favela citizens presented their proposals for the Freezing Favela.

We want to start building in the beginning of February, so it's time to talk dirty. At this session, we discussed how Mediamatic will help facilitate turning proposals into projects. For Slum Sessions #9, individuals and collective...


Use sand to locate yourself

Esther Polak, Ivar van Bekkum and Bert Kommerij use sand to create temporary interactive artworks by mapping locations with sand circles.

Slum Sessions #7

Straw bales, soup, and pow–wows

In our seventh session for our Freezing Favela project there was soup, advice on building with straw bales, and an opportunity to have a sit down with our neighbours.

Gamification Training

Leer over gamification en gamify een tentoonstelling

Gamification lijkt een must voor iedere educatieve, inhoudelijke of communicatieve professional. Maar wat kun je er nou eigenlijk mee? Hoe voeg je spelelementen toe aan een minder speelse omgeving? Tijdens de gamification training kom je er achter wat gamification is en wat je er mee kunt voor je...

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