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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Dutch Premiere of Of Amsterdam

Documentary: Being a foreign artist in the Netherlands

Six foreign artists tell their stories about living and pursuing their dreams in Amsterdam. After the official premiere in Lisbon, Of Amsterdam will premiere in the Netherlands. The night will start with a performance by Natalia Domínguez Rangel and Mariangela Tinelli. Please RSVP on this page....

The Secret Art of Growing Mushrooms

Learn how you can grow Grey Oyster mushrooms using standard kitchen equipment

In this workshop you will learn how you can make your own straw-based substrate. We're going to infect this straw with oyster mushroom spawn in our cleanroom. After this workshop you have enough knowledge to repeat this procedure at home. Of course you will take your freshly made oyster mushroom ...

Over Datum Eetclub is back

New season, new chefs - but the food is still old

Beginning September 20th 2011 we will cook and dine together again, for the Over Datum Eetclub has reopened its doors. Every Tuesday a different chef will come up with a theme and serve, with the help of the dinner guests, a scrumptious meal made out of expired produce. Join us, and regain faith ...

  • Over Datum Eetclub - 

    In de zomer van 2011 gingen we de strijd aan tegen voedselverspilling. Over Datum Eetclub: wekelijks koken van afgeschreven, maar nog steeds zeer lekkere producten. Met onder andere een avond en een website in het teken van de Week van de Hoorn van Afrika (Giro555). De avonden waren zo succesvol, dat we het concept na de zomer hebben verlengd. Elke week maakten bezoekers samen met een kok een feestmaal van hun zelf meegebrachte overdatum producten. Ook plaatselijke winkeliers doneerden voedsel. 20 december was de 20ste en laatste editie van Over Datum Eetclub: een kerstmaal.

Over Datum Eetclub 1

Shells and Crusts with Tinda van Smoorenburg

The first in our series of weekly dinner parties kicked off on Tuesday July 19th to a hungry crowd filling Mediamatic bank. It resulted in the successful resistance against the demonization of expired, but irresistibly good food, and a wake-up call for all those who religiously abide by expiratio...

Schommelclub Concert

Six swings and live music

For a few hours Schommelclub's 1000 meter space was filled with music, and acted as one giant resonator. Hauntingly amplifying an experimental jazz improvisation by Gareth Davis and Leo Fabriek (The Julie Mittens), and the historical sounds of Ensemble Rabaskadol. Including silent swinging films....

Kom je ook? 3 - Public as Programmer

Participation and innovation in culture and heritage

The ‘public as programmer’ was the focus of the third edition of Kom je ook?, that took place on the 26th of November 2009. We offered an energising programme with foreign speakers, Dutch case studies and do it yourself. The location was the Bernard Haitinkzaal in the new Conservatory of Amst...

Schommel het nieuwe jaar in met Mediamatic

Maandag 9 januari in de Van Gendthallen, 17:30 — 19:00

Onze nieuwjaarsreceptie in stijl 2012. Kaalslag en nieuwe kansen. Geen verwarming en geen toespraak. Wel warme soep en wel kunst. Natalia Dominguez Rangel componeerde voor de enorme ruimte in de Van Gendthallen een nieuw stuk. Het is ook je laatste kans om te schommelen. De schommelclub gaat weer...

  • Mediamatic Schommelcub - 

    De schommels van de Schommelclub. 24 december t/m 8 januari: In een grote fabriekshal hangen zes schommels aan een achttien meter hoge dakconstructie. Mediamatic stelt de monumentale Van Gendthallen die al jaren leegstaan weer open voor het publiek en opent tijdens de kersvakantie de Mediamatic Schommelclub. Schommelen voor jong en oud, met live muziek.

Schommelclub Disco for Kids

Disco hits at the Van Gendthallen

On the last day of the Schommelclub, deejay Stephan Wolven played some kid-friendly soul and disco tunes. Shake your hips and rock the swings one last time.

Pecha Kucha Amsterdam # 9

The Slide Show Olympics

The patented system to avoid death by PowerPoint came to Amsterdam for the ninth time, bringing with it the very good, the mediocre, and the clueless.

Pecha Kucha, Japanese for ‘the sound of conversation’, allows every participant to display 20 slides, with no more than 20 seconds sp...

Ignite Amsterdam 3

Sensor Fest evening 2

15 short, smart and clever talks, joined and bound by one simple rule: twenty slides, five minutes. Central theme? Sensors!

  • Ignite Amsterdam 3 - 

    Ignite Amsterdam 3 took place on November 24th. Central theme was Sensors! The event was the second evening of the 3-day Sensor Fest, which took place directly after the 2010 Devcamp. November 2010.

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