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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Aquaponics Workshop

Learn how to build an aquaponics system yourself!

At Mediamatic we've been experimenting with aquaponics: a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. We want to share our knowledge with you and enable you to build your own aquaponics system at home. Want to join us for this workshop? You can buy you...

780,559 names of Amsterdam residents have been woven into Maarten Baas' May 5 tablecloth. People came to Mediamatic Fabriek this weekend to find their names on the 60-meter-long piece. Saturday we rounded off with free expired wine and an acoustic Mind Igloo-concert by The Don't Touch My Croque-M...

Digital Camera Modification Workshop

Modify your old digital cameras to make visual dream machines

In this workshop Brooklyn artist Phillip Stearns will guide you through the process of modifying the electronics of old digital cameras to create unique works of glitch art. No knowledge of electronics is required. You can buy your tickets online.

New Order Weekend Special

Grab a tour, watch a film, start a game and enjoy the party

In the weekend of april 28 and 3o, Oostenburg was Amsterdam’s unofficial party island. Roest, our neighbors, opened their doors for a new season and Mediamatic Fabriek joined the party. People were able to discover their Energy Avatar, they could play the Energy Battlefield or listen to the sto...

During the opening of New Order 5, dozens of canaries flew through Mediamatic Fabriek. The birds' song subtly changed as we slowly altered the atmospheric make-up, pre-enacting a post-carbon world. Furthermore, you could launch your body into space. You've had your picture taken as you floated in...

Radiant Beach

New Order 1/5: Martti Kalliala

The harnessing of the immense power of the atom is one of the great achievements of the 20th century, one that both poses great risks and offers great opportunities. Under the Beach, a Radiant City, an installation by Finnish architect Martti Kalliala, explores a future scenario where the risks o...

Meet Your Energy Avatar

New Order 2/5: Rory Hyde & Katja Novitskova

Life on Earth 21st century: Are you sure you are really just a human being? Then what is that halo of energy hovering above you, with a size of a blue whale? Do you want meet him? Do you want to meet the animal you really are, based on your actual energy consumption?
Meet Your Energy Avatar...

Mind Igloo

A Giant Breathing Building by DUS architects

A relic of a post-future, the hot air balloon once stood for pioneering: the first object that allowed mankind to travel through the sky. For the fourth New Order exhibition, the balloon becomes a showcase for adaptive architecture. DUS architects' Mind Igloo consists of two redundant hot air bal...

Ignite Amsterdam 17

12 presentations x 5 minutes

We served up a steaming bowl full of scientists, designers, and artists this month. From intimate design and illustration to scientific research into a new generation solar cells, and the presentation of a new Amsterdam hackspace to top it off.

Mind Igloo Movie Nights

Bubble screening

This weekend we had a bubble movie screening inside DUS architects' Mind Igloo. You could pick your spot in the giant balloon, get comfortable and enjoy the film about a hot air balloon. Furthermore you can still meet your energy avatar, walk around in an energy battlefield and lie on a radiant b...

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