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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

For our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN, go here.

Mediamatic Blog

Plans for the Freezing Favela are becoming more concrete. During this session participants partook in a game, hosted by Play the City, to find out the best way to realize their project. Where should they build, how, and with whom? Click here to view proposals.

Everything must go!

Ruilen give-away-weekend

Has your wallet been sucked dry after the intense December-month? Would you still like to get your hands on some high heels, an airbed or some Chinese tea? You could come and pick it up on January 5 and 6, the last weekend of Ruilen. Ther...

Mediamatic Eetclub: swap gifts over lunch

Prepare a 3-course aquaponics lunch with chef Andrea

Forget the cold, wet weather and join us in our sustainable urban aquaponics farm. We've been growing loads of veggies and fish, and finally it was time to harvest. Celebrate the launch of the Mediamatic Eetclub with us. During our first meal together we enjoyed our homegrown oyster mushrooms. C...

Ignite Amsterdam 23

12 presentations x 5 minutes

From zen gardening to suitcase entrepreneurship, and from abstract photography to Dutch short films. This month's Ignite Amsterdam will present you with plenty of nice ideas to get you through the holiday happenings. And don't forget: you can join us and the speakers for a hot bowl of Portuguese ...

Slum Sessions #4

How to play together

We had another productive Slum Sessions, sharing proposals and envisioning collaborations for our Freezing Favela. We also discussed the rules of play for our next session where we will game to understand who can go where.

Food for the artist; Playmobil for you

Pet trades his huge toy collection in exchange for food

Missing the good ol' days when it was all play and no work? If you'd like to spend your Sunday afternoon nobly helping a hungry artist while revisiting your childhood, then this was something for you. You could exchange your food for toys from Pet van de Luijtgaarden's Playmobil collection.

Slum Sessions #3

Bring your dream plan

Designers, builders and livers have been happily discussing the future of the Freezing Favela. During Slum Sessions #3 we shared our proposals to fulfill the favela needs.

This Sunday at Ruilen we have two very different swap events. In one area, there will be an Art for Art trade. The event will offer a less conventional way of dealing art, where collectors and artists will directly exchange ar...

Ignite Amsterdam 22

Coats and Scarves edition

Starting this month Ignite Amsterdam takes place at Mediamatic Fabriek. That means we weren't only talking about ideas, but were actually inside one. (Find out more about the Fabriek here). That said, the speakers were on top of their game like always, and their work was as ...

Fashion Swap

Swap clothes at Toko deLux

In collaboration with Toko van Timur (an initiative from Amsterdam East) we organised Toko deLux. Visitors swapped the sweater that, honestly, looked better on the mannequin, last year's winter coat they wore too often, or the dress that was either too big or too small but still in mint condition...

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