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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

For our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN, go here.

Mediamatic Blog

Ignite Amsterdam 25

Trash beer, dinner and 12 speedy talks

We're talking cats, birds and Mickey this month. Join us for the mystery of the grilled cheese sandwich and the beauty of bullfighting. There will be a trash beer tasting, and dinner comes courtesy of a number of home cooks. Expect a wide variety of dishes, from Marcy's hot pupasas (a traditional...

Slum Sessions #13

The secrets behind fire safety explored

At this session we came together to recover from the building days, exchange our experiences and plan new ones. We also invited a fire safety expert who answered our questions and gave advice to amateur builders.

De Tostifabriek zaait

Leven in de installatie

De installatie begint vorm te krijgen. Het graanveld is er en de tosti komt steeds dichterbij. Wat begon als een vraag heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een missie: wat te doen om een echte tosti te maken? Begin maart, na wat leek eindeloos wachten op een paar zonnige, droge dagen, zaaiden we met buurtbe...

Put up a Trash Lab

Four walls and a door or two

At February 25th and February 26th The Trash Lab put up the walls for their space and placed the doors and walls.

Create a Paper Universe

Cardboard box therapy

The people behind the Paper Universe began creating their cardboard realm in the Freezing Favela. This therapeutic process involves tearing hundreds of pieces of from cardboard boxes, slitting and joining them together. The result will be massive paper enclave surrounding you and your fellow pape...

Build a Trash Lab

Not just screwing around

Build a space that will act as a local waste research and product design hub. The Trash Lab can use extra hands to put up their main structure within the Freezing Favela.

Aquaponics Workshop

Build an aquaponics farm

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. The best way to produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. The fish poo feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. Not a drop is wasted. If you'd like ...

Slum Sessions #12

Soup and Talk

We opened our doors for Freezing Favela citizens who wanted to talk over some hot soup. We chatted about building days and made preparations. Keep an eye on our Freezing Favela events for days to come and build this mini-city with us!

With the help of just two mics and two speakers, Mediamatic Fabriek's industrial hall turned the tiniest of sounds into a colossal, disorienting flying carpet of noise. An hour-long, physical sound experience. Composers Harpo 't Hart and Joav Richartz were the Echokamer's first captains.

Slum Sessions #11

Unusual building advice

At this session provided wisdom from a creative garbage architect and a list of our leftover materials. We also discussed building schedules, electricity availability and all that fun stuff.

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