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Art and New Technologies in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technologies offer art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog:

Paddestoelen Road-Trip

Our adventures gathering knowledge about growing our own mushrooms

In order to prepare for the upcoming exhibition at Mediamatic, Paddestoelen Paradijs, we ventured south to the towns of Hedel and Rossum to find out everything we could about growing our own mushrooms.

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Over Datum Eetclub 11

Una Cena Italiana with Nicoletta Tavella

We fought the icy autumn winds with true Italian temperament. Nicoletta Tavella led us through the kitchen and helped us prepare a passionate Italian dinner. 'Less is more' was the evening's credo. No complexities. Just fresh, tasty food and good company. The most important ingredients for a successful and warm evening.

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Over Datum Eetclub 10

Eye candy with Sascha Landshoff

The tenth Over Datum Eetclub was an evening full of surprises. Chef Sascha Landshoff came, saw and conquered our over datum food, creating a super four-course dinner. We also had a special treat when it came to the view. Special projections were shown on screens of this ODE.

  • Dinner time - 

    Aan tafel bij Over Datum Eetclub 10

  • The Dinner

    After all the expired products were sorted, washed and cut we all took our seats at the large tables in the Mediamatic Bank. We started with different sorts of bruschetta’s and old old cheese. Then we had a spicy broccoli soup, pesto pasta and a salad. As dessert we could enjoy a beautifully made up chocolate mousse garnished with white chocolate and mandarins.

    Khadafi and pasta sauce

    This evening our guests brought the most amazing expired products. Coffee from 1996, exotic chinese herbs and salmon that still tasted really good. Besides being a cook, Sascha is also ...

    Posted by: Evelyn Austin, 9 Oct 2011,23:22
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Over Datum Eetclub 9

Chocolate Paradise with Erik Spande

We triggered our feel-good chemicals during this week's Over Datum Eetclub. Next to the expired food on our plates, you could also find chocolate in every dish; sprinkled on top, melted into sauces, and rolled into desserts. Guided by our chocolate man, Erik Spande, we served all sorts of chocolate infused dishes.

  • The Dinner

    The evening began with a small chocolate-tasting at which Erik let us taste three varieties of premium chocolate. He also brought cocoa nibs, which are the roasted cocoa beans which stand at the beginning of the chocolate production process. Placing chocolate at its purest form as the start of the night, these were served in the first course. The main course was a chocolate-stoaf, which we generously poured over our pasta and vegetables. We not only had yogurt and fruit as dessert but also an endless choice of chocolate-salamis, each one slightly different from the next. This was the most playful...

    Posted by: Céline Talens, 30 Sep 2011,13:07
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