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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Over Datum Eetclub 5

Pure ingredients: simple and versatile with Ruigwerk

So far chefs have been preserving, conserving and transforming our Over Datum food into all sorts of delicious dishes. This edition, dinner guest became the chefs themselves with the help of food design duo Ernst and Kamiel of Ruigwerk. There was no predetermined menu, as a matter of fact, dinner guests created the menu together by each making a dish of their own.

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Over Datum Eetclub 2

Ome Ad and the Lost Herbs

  • 26 Jul 2011
    18:00 Mediamatic BankMediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam Vijzelstraat 68 1017 HLAmsterdam, 

Although it seemed difficult to top the success of our first Over Datum Eetclub dinner last week, this week's delicious three course dinner and music filled night left everyone hungry for more! Ome Ad was our chef for the evening, and he created some spicy concoctions! The smells coming out of the Mediamatic bank even had strangers wandering in off the street asking to join our dinner party!


Bodies of Change Installation Process

Building the installation

This is the first in a series of articles tracking the construction process and growth of the Bodies of Change installation.

  • Result of the Bodies of Change process - 

    the mushroom spores are steadily spreading through the art piece. Invasive mold has also shown up to claim its part of the nutritious substrate. This art piece is part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition.

  • On the 5th of December 2011 we began building the Bodies of Change installation by Maurizio Montalti. Since this is a living and growing installation, the initial building process is crucial to the growth of the piece. The installation consists of a felt shroud inoculated with fungal mycelia from the species Schizophyllum Commune. The goal is for the fungi to grow on the shroud, replicating the processes of growth and decomposition that can take place under the ground.

    The Structure

    The first phase of building was the construction of the box in which the 'body' was encased. The box is a stainless steel structure with pl...

    Posted by: margarita osipian, 20 Dec 2011,17:09
Workshop 5 14

D.I.Y. Paddestoelen Workshop

Leer hoe je zelf paddestoelen kan kweken met huis-, tuin- en keukenmateriaal

In deze workshop leer je hoe je je eigen substraat van stro kan maken. Samen met Edwin Florès van Casa Foresta gaan we dit stro infecteren in ons paddestoelenlab met oesterzwammenbroed. Na deze workshop heb je voldoende kennis om dit zelf te doen, ook voor andere paddestoelensoorten. Uiteraard neem je na deze workshop je eigen oesterzwammen stro-substraat mee naar huis.

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