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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

For our restaurant Mediamatic ETEN, go here.

Mediamatic Blog

Slum Sessions #2

Producing an organic favela

We enjoyed a very productive session, planning the future of our favela whilst sipping on homemade Vodka produced organically from 100 % local trash.

Stamppot recipe swap

And swap a recipe for our chefs' surprising stamppot

Stamppot (mash pot) is the archetypical Dutch dish. Traditionally it's made with potatoes, leafy greens or cabbages only Dutch people know, and served with sausage. Nowadays, however, due to the welcome influence of other cultures and cuisines, stamppot comes in all sorts and sizes. You could swa...

  • Stamppot snijbiet / knolselderij / aardappel met ei en sucuk - 

    Aardappelen met de knolselderij koken. Snijbiet oogsten, wassen en snijden (deze is uit de Mediamatic Aquaponics kwekerij). Sucuk (turkse knoflookworst) zachtjes uitbakken tot ze knapperig is. Ei meekoken gedurende de laatste 8 minuten. Dan de aardappelen en knolselderij kort stampen. De rauwe snijbiet er overheen; smoren met het vet van de sucuk. Nog een keer kort stampen en dan de worst en het grof gesneden ei er door scheppen. Er hoeft niets bij. De vette sucuk maakt smeuig en levert zout, peper en knoflook. Eet smakelijk.

Superdieren swap

Complete your collection

If the Albert Heijn is failing at supplying you with a complete set of Superdieren cards, last Sunday it was time to take matters into your own hands. Stop spending money, and instead just trade your double cards against someone else's. Bet you, you had a complete set within no time. There was al...

Seed Swap

Swap your surplus seeds

Always wondered why all the stores seem to carry the same variety of seeds? It's because Big Companies are monopolizing the market. Visitors of the seed swap celebrated the diversity of nature, bypassing the regular selling points, and instead found out which exciting, exotic or just plain forgot...

Swapping Dreams

During Museumnacht

Visitors swapped their dreams with other Museum Night owls in exchange for a drink. If you liked a challenge, you could swap part of your life between 19:00 and 21:00. DJ Aletro took care of the soundtrack to your swapping adventures.

Ignite Amsterdam 21

12 presentations x 5 minutes

We turned 21! This month's Ignite Amsterdam featured filmmakers, graphic designers, quirky animators and device dismantlers. And ways to save today's materialistic, 'throw-away' culture.

Swapping Red

Swap all your red items

Own a firetruck no one plays with? A Ferrari that's just gathering dust in your garage? On November 4 you could get together all your (more than 60%) redness and bring it to Ruilen, where you could exchange your red things for new red things. Secretly cherish Communist ideology? Your comrades cou...

Biodiesel Workshop

Brew your own energy

Learn the ins and outs of making your own biodiesel during this hands-on workshop. Performance artist and diesel-know-it-all João Negro will teach you the how and why of turning waste into energy. At the end of the evening you will return home with a jar of your very own bi...


Pop-up trading zone

Too much stuff, an overflowing wardrobe, and unused talents? Visitors joined us at the one-day-only trading zone Ruilplein for exchange without money.

Opening Ruilen [rœylə(n)]

Be kind, but play hard.

(Un)usual exchange with the Beambtenbar, an exchange-masseur and DJ's Miss Fina & Toby Paul. A tintillating book? Homemade chutney? Visitors checked their exchange-products in at the door. (You'll need your OV-chipkaart for this.) If yo...

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