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Hairy Vetch

You are in control

The answer you planted into the eighth of thirty plant beds in the Dijksgracht park, part of the Twijfel Zaaien/Raising Doubts project.

Latin name: Vicia Villosa
Artist family: Romantic
Colour: Purple

Where was this made?:

In the book « the Victorian Language of Flowers », this plant signifies "Success to You". In the 18th-19th century, it was offered to successful people related to art, to those people that were truly in search for recognition. The flower’s deep purple colour represents spirituality, aura and soul. The flower reflects with a Romantic artisthood since it is searching for a meaning to life, but while looking for a perfect balance between spirituality and success in the career and recognition within the arts.

Seeds generously sponsored by Cryudt Hoeck