1 Jan 2003

Lino Hellings

Objects and Spaces

Lino Hellings takes the work of Dogtroep, of which she was co-initiator and boardmember for seventeen years, one step further in her own works.

The essence of her working method is redefining the functioning of locations and projects.

Transforming location or object in full view of the observer is a play on the expectations of the observers and it stimulates their imagination.

Whereas Dogtroep manifests itself recognizably as theater, Hellings knowingly puts her work in the twilight zone between fiction and reality.
She looks upon public and semi-public spaces as her stage, the place where the work and the observer meet.
She is looking for new definitions of public spaces now that private life and public life are no longer separated the way they used to be.

Hellings works on both small and large scales.

Common denominator in these works is the fact that they all derive from a situation of which they are an indissoluble part at the same time.

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