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P.A.P.A.>Sao Paulo Brazil>newscategories - P.A.P.A. pictures what catches the eye. Ordering the material in categories afterwards. Lino Hellings

Lino Hellings is a visual artist. Founder of P.A.P.A. participating artists' press agency, a worldwide network of artists that manufactures news together. (2008-future)

An artists press agency ?

Why now?

Alarmbells are ringing.
What we need is step back and see the world as the astronauts saw it and ask ourselves how are we managing that?
Big cities are the new centres to be connected into a global society that works together. (Jeffrey Sachs Economics for a crowded planet)

Why artists?

Artists can take the lead here. They can make the trail by starting to walk.
P.A.P.A. will be developed in a Lab situation on the spot with artists and photojournalists on the four continents.

What is news?

“News is what someone, somewhere decides that it is. It comes down to a judgment as to what is important or interesting to a particular audience”. (BBC)
So we will start to define what the particular audience is. We will go out on the street to uncover the news. For this moment what we need to do is delete all dualities like poor versus rich, the underdeveloped versus the overdeveloped. Forget about hierarchies. We will make precise descriptions of details we find, without judging. As details with a story are the points of attachment for actions. We will define fresh categories for the news, bottom up. In the first place we will give the news back to the people involved.

Why a press agency?

To be honest this initiative could be called an artists collective or an advertisement company just as well. We like to combine the freedom within art with the honest curiosity within journalism and the acuteness of advertisement.

Art+Journalism+Advertisement=Juicy activism

Lets start making an image of the world together.

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