1 Jan 2004


Or size does matter

From January 19 through February 1 we could follow the adventures of a married couple driving through Amsterdam on Mediamatic Supermarkt.

Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries wrote a text entitled Adynda, or size does matter that could be read in 14 episodes during two weeks.

Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, ADYNDA of het formaat doet er toe
Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries was founded in Seoul by Young-hae Chang, C.E.O., and Marc Voge, C.I.O. Its Web pieces present, for instance, a Homeric hero searching for sublime meaning in the insignificance of a life lived anywhere but where it seemingly counts; Asian businessmen and bar hostesses drinking the night away; a man who dies and is reborn a stick; a woman who sexually embraces corporate monopoly; an evening with Sam Beckett in a bordello.

Zie ook: www.yhchang.com