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7 Apr 2002

Seven works of Necrorealism by Yevgeniy Yufit.

Yevgeny Yufit is often cited as the founder of Necrorealism, a movement that appeared in St. Petersburg in the mid of the eighties and is often characterized as an ecstatic revel in grotesqueries and idiocies, a life beyond the instinct and the subconscious.


Werewolf Orderlies (1984, Russia, 5 min)

Woodcutter (1985, Russia, 6 min)

Spring (1987, Russia, 10 min)

Suicide Monsters (1988, Russia, 5 min)

Fortitude (1988, Russia, 3 min)

Knights of Heaven (1989, Russia, 20 min)

The Will (1995, Russia, 5 min)