The DNK Ensemble plays the music of Antoine Beuger.

17 Nov 2008

Ashbery tunings for ten - Antoine Beuger. A piece for 10 musicians in a spatialized set up. ANTOINE BEUGER is one of the founders of the composers and performers collective Wandelweiser. A group of musicians dedicated to structurally vigorous composition and performance of pieces heavily grounded in post Cage silence aesthetics.


Picture Antoine Beuger, taken from the Wandelweiser website. -

The musicians

Antoine Beuger - flute
Anne La Berge - flute
Taylan Susam - clarinet
Jason Alder - bassclarinet
Seamus Cater - harmonica
Hilary Jeffreys - trombone
Jacob Plooy - violin
to be confirmed - viola
Markus Kaiser - cello
Koen Nutters - upright bass