Daantje van de Weijer

exciting things

At this moment, at the museum we are developing the most beautiful things. We're working our heads of, but then it's so much fun to do so.

An impressive new pavilion has been built next to the existing museum and I can still remember the first time that Fokelien (our directress) took me there to show it.
I have not seen the whole progress of building the pavilion from scrap, for it's only six weeks that I'm working for the Zaans Museum, but I can imagine the great effort it took to get such an amazing building of the ground. The decorating of the pavilion has now started and I can feel the excitement all over. But also the pressure of time.

Only 4 months left before the opening and so much work to be done.

So the time has come to expose this to the whole world! (okay, let's just say the Netherlands to begin with) And it happens to be it's one of my tasks to get the exposure of the renewed museum up and running. Isn't that great!

It's not hard to get such a great new pavilion its deserved attention, the building and exhibition can market itself. But we still have to tell the world it's there.

Thank god (well, actually, thanks to Fokelien) we have the greatest team of creatives to work with. Which makes the job so much fun. Everything our graphic designer comes up with is just wonderful and everytime a new design appears in my mailbox I get more and more exited! The exhibition design is also going to be pretty cool. (and that is an understatement)

I have to admit, that when I first heard of the Verkade Pavilion, I couldn't imagine what was so great about that. I mean... Verkade? I like the cookies and I love chocolate, but what could possibly be so special about a Verkade collection? Not to mention a whole Verkade Pavilion! Isn't that boring?

But I couldn't have been more wrong! (and normally, I would never admit I am wrong, but this time, I was dead wrong!) It's not just objects on display and not only nostalgia, as I expected. The building and exhibition design is surprisingly modern and ahead of its time! It amazes me how Fokelien and her team of creatives managed to design such a great concept.

I can't wait to see the Verkade Pavilion up and running. But 'till then, there's still lots of work to do. But can you Imagine how happy I am to be part of all this!