N.EST Napoliest

Art, public space, urban transformation

N.EST is a think-tank for art and architecture that developed from an online project and has since come to include exhibitions, lectures, performance, urban activism, design and architecture.


N.est with M.Zezza-Monumento - photo by Massimiliano Rianna Danilo Capasso

The online project, started and financed still by its members, consists of a grid, a bilingual database and a search engine but N.EST’s core nucleus is an emotional map of Eastern Naples, which depicts the topography of five districts - the streets, warehouses and industrial spaces of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods – as well as the critical issues and potential developments that affect them. With its site-specific web TV (N.ESTube), content randomizer (N.EST TV) and blog, the whole online platform is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. N.EST asks artists and citizens active in any discipline or profession to join it in trying to create a city from the bottom up: a grass-roots city.

N.EST has exhibited at the following venues respectively events, amongst others:
Sensi Contemporanei, Incursione Vesuviana (Venice Art Biennial in South Italy, 2004),
Festival Della Creatività (Florence, 2007),
Annali dell’Architettura e delle città (Naples, 2007), MADRE Art Museum’s Project Room (Naples, January-February 2008).
Selected lectures and audio-visual performances were given at:
Fabrica Europa Theatre Festival (Florence, 2006), Bauhaus University (Weimar, 2006),
COMPA (Salone della Comunicazione della Pubblica Amministrazione, Rome, 2006),
Dancing with Domus (Domus Magazine, Milan, 2007).

N.EST is backed by the funds and commitment of its members, who work and live in Naples.
N.EST is always searching for brilliant partners.

N.EST is curated by Danilo Capasso, Giovanni Ferrarelli, Diana Marrone and Massimiliano Rianna


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