Catalogue 6

A Partial Museum of Noise

4 Dec 2003
  • 20:30 -20:30
  • Catalogue
  • Keizersgracht 676, Amsterdam

Guest Editor James Beckett
(Prix de Rome Public Space 2003)

Simultaneous recital:
Early string arrangement by Arnold Schönberg
Traditional Balinese Gamelan

Readings of material by the contributors:

Midas Dekkers

John Heymans

Pieter-Jan Stallen

Jugendsteal Unagimous

James Beckett & goodwill

This issue is by no means an attempt to write a history of noise or noise practitioners in music or otherwise.  It is a rough collection of fragments of actual circumstance and stands a provisional entry into a subject, being of interest in that information as sound is present and constantly leaking out of unlikely events; that which is unwanted often being the significant chunk, bringing light to the nature of the way we live.

This is research based on fact and a bit of speculation. In this sense we express such digging as muse
and not scientific resource.