Planning as a Criminal Act

One Land Two Systems

6 Feb 2005
20 Mar 2005

Architecture and urban planning are often abused to maintain or aggravate unfair political, economic or social situations. This was clearly the case in the Israeli governments design for the future of the Palestinian village Ein Hud.

This was a Mediamatic exhibition


Architect Malkit Shoshan explains the exhibition to visitors -

Architecture as art and culture

For more than 50 years Ein Hud was an unrecognized Palestine refugee camp within the Israeli territories. In 2004 the government finally created a masterplan. Under the flag of urban development and architectural design it included placing a large military zone in the middle of the village and demolishing a significant portion of the existing shops and housing.

Confronted with yet another master plan that placed the local inhabitants in a stranglehold, a group of more than one hundred architects decided it was time to do something about the way architecture was being used. They demanded for architecture to return to being a tool for developing society instead of being a weapon to destroy culture. The manifest and exhibition One Land Two Systems in Mediamatic is an attempt to break the vicious circle and to show the potential daring architectural design has. Instead of turning into yet another planning disaster maybe the masterplan for Ein Hud can mark a new start.

All the submitted plans were on display at Mediamatic.

The exhibition was also online at onelandtwosystems.com

The manifest and the exhibition were an initiative of the Israeli architect Malkit Shoshan, director of F.A.S.T. (Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory)