Combining Doves and RFID

Marcus Kirsch, participant and lecturer at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005


Marcus Kirsch - Participant and lecturer at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005

I am Marcus Kirsch, Technoartist, New Media Designer and Programmer.
I hold a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Interaction Design from Royal College of Art in London, after which I worked as a researcher at the Media Lab Europe in Dublin and returned to London in 2002, where I now work as international artist, designer, programmer and consultant.
My work has been shown in England, Ireland and Holland on numerous events with a recent invitation to 2004 Seoul Biennale and as exhibiting artist and speaker at last year’s Rotterdam International Film Festival and DEAF Festival. My recent awards include a silver Art Directors Club NY and both a shortlisted project and a pricewinning project at 2004’s international urban technology competition in collaboration with Jussi Angesleva.

I’ve participated to find out more about the technology's possibilities regarding my project URBAN EYES.

URBAN EYES, a conceptual service for the urban space, which combines our perception of the city with the one of the CCTV camera network and the pigeon population. With this workshop, I want to develop my ideas about my project.

The content of the workshop was dense enough for a three days workshop, yet the development part could have played a slightly bigger role. The organization left nothing to ask for and the speakers were diverse so that a broad introduction into different possibilities and approaches towards the technology gave enough ground for a fruitful discussion.