Looove TINKEBELL. / For my family

16 أيار / مايو 2010
11 Jul 2010

'Looove TINKEBELL. / For my Family' offers a chronological overview of TINKEBELL.’s installations, projects and performances of the past four years. This overview was shown before at TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam in 2009 and traveled to Vlissingen especially for 'her family'.


invitation - TINKEBELL.

On show will be the central piece of her first project My dearest cat Pinkeltje (2004) that earned her instantaneous controversial fame: a purse made out of her cat. Documents of the performance series Her name is,.. (2008) will be presented together with their main props, three stuffed dogs TINKEBELL dragged throughout the streets of Chicago, L.A. and Beijing. Also on display will be the documentation of the installation/happening SAVE THE PETS (1) (2008) where about a hundred hamsters rolled around in individual plastic balls transforming the exhibition space into a living installation. On show will also be her unsettling Baby Bunnies (2008), a series of manipulated stuffed animals that interrogate our consumption habits, as they seem to convert the living and beloved into yet other throwaway commodities. For sale during the show will be a special edition of the book Dearest TINKEBELL., a collection of hate mails received by TINKEBELL., and, more significantly, a full- fledged web based investigation of those who emitted them. For her series ALMOST 18+ for your pleasure, she embroidered C-prints of visual material found on the website Almost 18+, sadly known for its daily upload of SM material featuring physically abused young women.

Whether she works with stuffed animals, porn material or hate mails, TINKEBELL. does one thing: she plays with the formless and unspeakable, the object of our innermost fears and desires. She toys with death, sex and everything that leads to that: humiliation, objectification and, ultimately: consumption.

TINKEBELL. (1979) was born in Goes (NL) and attended the art academy in Tilburg before taking part to the post-Graduate Design program of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.
She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Looove TINKEBELL. / For my Family
Willem3, Vlissingen (NL)
May 16 - July 11
Opening May 16 with friends and 'studio sport'.

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