Welcome all porketarians!

Mediamatic Museumn8

4 Nov 2006

At the Mediamatic Museumn8 you were able to perch yourself on a bench drenched in pheromones while betting on a rfid enabled hamster race, listening to the modded commodore 64s of Krause and munching on a meal of micro-green cuisine (with bacon and sausage) and sipping a cava-chrysant cocktail.


museumnacht 06 at Mediamatic - performance krause

The Night Garden exhibition was an indoor jungle of organic technology with micro robotics fluttering between the wired plants and soldering stations set up for all your DIY creations. You could admire the work of Felix Hess, Ralf Schreiber, Christian Faubel, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Michael Samyn, Auriea Harvey, Petra Blaisse, Mateusz Herczka, Debra Solomon and Theodore Watson.

Micro-green Restaurant open from 18:00-22:00
Krause performs once an hour on the hour.

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