Mediummatic, 5 days of alternative communication

10 أيار / مايو 2008
10 أيار / مايو 2008

At the fourth day of the 'Mediummatic' Sleep-Inn, everyone was welcome to get a holistic massage during the day and in the evening enjoy a hypnose, a séance, a cleaning ritual, of course a pillow fight and a DJ.


kirlian hand -


Morning/Afternoon (11am - 5pm)
- Free group massage by 5 holistic massage therapists.
- Material spiritual installation by Kinga Kielczynska and Melanie Bonajo.

Evening (7pm - 22pm)
Hypnosis +Seance + Cleaning ritual + DJ+ Pillow fight
Anyone could join in at anytime.

Night and morning rituals

Everyone could stay overnight. Visitors who made a reservation for a sleeping place in the Sleep-Inn were invited to a performance friendly environment with nocturnal care. There was space for 50 people per night and sleeping bags were there to rent. Admission was free if you had a Temporary Museum Passepartout or a ticket to the Art Amsterdam.

All participants were woken up in the morning by the lovely hosts Kinga and Melanie. Breakfast was coffee tasseography, dream interpretations and a Blessing of the Day ceremony.