Crossing over with Erik Kessels


7 Sep 2011
  • 19:00
  • De Appel
  • de Appel, 1017 DE Amsterdam

Erik Kessels (1966) is a founding partner and creative director of KesselsKramer, independent international communications agency based in Amsterdam and London.


Erik Kessels - By Maurits Giesen, found on Maurits Giesen.


KesselsKramer works for clients like Diesel, Ben, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, J&B, Vitra and Oxfam. Since many years the agency is known for crossing over in several different areas. In London the agency has a gallery and a shop within the company, while in Amsterdam publishing is also a part of the companies activities. During his lecture Erik Kessels will talk about these crossovers, his experiences and the results of it. Kessels will also give an insight on his fascination for amateurism and what professionals can learn from them.

Language: English.