Hadas Itzkovitch


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A performer and visual artist.
Was born in Tel Aviv, Israel 1977.
Since 1997 has been working and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Trained as a dancer and as a visual artist Her work is a meeting point between the visual and a performance. It is an attempt to definite the visual borders of the physical and the performed image. Her work is made with the thought that an image, filmed or performed, moving or still, is a consequence of a search within the field, which she calls: “the rhetoric of poses and composes”.
Sometimes the visual is a frame for the performed, sometimes the performed is a pure visual and they always try to meet together in aim to tell a story. The specific environment in which she creates has a great influence on her work, it is a stage and a background at the same time- a frame which is limiting the performance space to it's visual borders of composition.


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