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Most of all i`m interested to physicalise durational structures or so called performance installations !why installations ?becouse the body is looked at two points-first as a human catharsis that positionates itself in various contexs and secondly as a figure that is constantly shuttered from it`s normal functuns as a body(isolation of senses,shifts between the conscious and unconscious,trans)conditions that removes the body from it`s natural enviorment and in this ¨ïnvalid¨states,we(audience) are able to mark out new trajectory of the experiences,which feedsback the performer as well as spectator.it`s a practice that is closely connected to the idea of witnessing,being eager to retouch ourself from the performative` and find ways to expore the process of performance(build ups/down/experimentation)that are attached to one common sense-the present !

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