by Duarte Filipe, Sabine Kongsted, Wilfred Wagner and Martin Kofoed

14 Jun 2012
27 Jun 2012
  • 16:00 -0:00
  • Jan Tooropstraat 35 , 1062BK Amsterdam

WINDOW is a group exhibition where the artists examine the relationship between the abstract ideas of the body and the soul.


Window - met Martin Kofoed, Sabine Kongsted, Wilfred Wagner, Duarte Filipe


The focus is on the romantic representation of the internal structure of something, as if it has been cut through.The works will take the form of drawings, installations, and video. Each medium exploring the intersections and the mediation between the external and the internal, between the corporeal and the inner experience.


Opening: Thursday 14th 16:00-22:00.
Open: Friday 15th - Sunday 17th 15:00-18:00.

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