Biodiesel Workshop

Brew your own energy

8 Nov 2012

Learn the ins and outs of making your own biodiesel during this hands-on workshop. Performance artist and diesel-know-it-all João Negro will teach you the how and why of turning waste into energy. At the end of the evening you will return home with a jar of your very own biodiesel. Buy your ticket(s) online: you can pay with cash or exchange the workshop for a few hours of your time.


Adding ethanol - Barbara Mair


Making bio-diesel is really easy. The process, called transesterification, involves replacing an ester connection with an alcohol one, replacing glycerine with methanol. Farmers, survivalists, and off-the-grid counter-citizens have been brewing their own diesel since forever. Whereas in the 90s it lead to bad practices such as mono-cropping, these days it is seen as a good way to recycle waste, sometimes even leading processing companies to compete over waste oil.

We start the workshop with an introduction into the history, usage and alchemy of bio-diesel. After a demonstration by the trainer, you will have a go at the process yourself. After just a few hours you will have made your own bottle of bio-diesel, ready to take home and use. Find out more about the process on João's profile page.


Mixing ingredients with mask for protection against fumes - Barbara Mair

Mediamatic and alternative production

At Mediamatic we are researching and experimenting with sustainable technologies and products. We are growing our own fish and vegetables in a vertical aquaponics farm - and teaching others to do so, too -, and preparing it in the Diesel Kantine, which we developed in collaboration with João. The Diesel Kantine runs on local energy, and provides food for the local community. A small-scale, sustainable cycle.

More information

The workshop takes place on Thursday November 8 from 19.00 to 22.00 at Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam. You can either pay with money (€ 45,-) or exchange the workshop for 3 shifts of volunteer work at our exhibition space. In that case, 'buy' the €0,- volunteer-ticket and we'll get in touch shortly. Please e-mail Deborah Meibergen if you have any questions. The instruction language is English. Directions on how to get to Mediamatic Fabriek can be found here.