New Year's Drinks

'Als een vis op het droge' - Arjanne Bode & Myco Brewery

13 Jan 2017

On lucky number Friday the 13th we invite our friends, visitors, partners and neighbours for Mediamatic's New Year's Reception and the opening of both our Myco Brewery and Arjanna Bode's installation Als een Vis op het Droge. Let's drink, chat and
celebrate the new year together. By the way, did you already see the new mural by Bahia Shehab?!

Earlier this day you can learn how to become nature's apprentice in the free Biomimicry Workshop.

Free entrance / Facebook


Mediamatic Biotoop evening view - Mediamatic Biotoop is located at the Amsterdam waters, on walking distance from Amsterdam's Central Station. Anisa Xhomaqi

New Year's Reception

15:00 - 17:00 Workshop | Biomimicry
17:30 - 20:30 New Years Reception + Opening Als een Vis op het Droge & Myco Brewery supported with tunes by Artist/DJ Bosatlas.


Bubbles at Mediamatic ETEN - Two girls enjoying a nice glass of bubbles at Mediamatic ETEN. Don't feel like drinking alcohol? We ferment our own delicious Kefir lemonade! Anisa Xhomaqi

Als een Vis op het Droge - Arjanne Bode

Arjanne Bode’s basin filled with tattooed by-catch is an investigation into a new European law that should encourage a more sustainable fishing industry. Arjanne Bode recently graduated at Art, Communication and Design (Fontys, Tilburg). Born and raised in Zeeland, a province in the south of the Netherlands with a vivid fishing culture, Arjanne developed an passion for the see and every creature living in it. Go hear to read more about her work.
The installation will be exhibited in the Bio-Art Supplies Shop.


Anomalies Fashion Presentation - Vita Stasiukynaite - With works by Vita Stasiukynaite. Vita Stasiukynaite (LT), Anisa Xhomaqi

The Myco Brewery - Mediamatic

From beer, to waste, to mycelium to new biodegradable insulation panels.
The Myco Brewery explores the wonderful potential of growing our own insulation panels by using the bi-product of our beer-brewing process. The installation is located in our Clean Lab, a laboratory for experimenting with living things. All steps of the process are visible and you are invited to taste some of our Myco test beers.

Biomimicry Workshop - Laura Stevens

Practice how you can be nature’s apprentice by resolving a design challenge with the help of nature. Many organisms have equipped themselves with spectacular features. The lotus leaf, for instance, has a water repellant surface, whilst spider silk is said to outperform steel. How can you incorporate nature’s own innovations within your designs? Together with Phd Candidate Laura Stevens (US) we’ll discuss different examples from the field and work together to design our own, nature-based solutions. No prior knowledge needed.
15:00 -17:00 | Sign up via:


Als een vis op het droge - installation - Arjanne Bode's tattooed by-catch is an investigation into a new European law that should encourage a more sustaintable fishing industry.  The official opening of the installation took place on Friday the 13th of January, during our New Year's Reception of 2017, 17:30 - 20:30. Arjanne Bode

With: Arjanne Bode

Mediamatic New Year's Reception
Friday January 13th, 17:30 - 20:30
Dijkspark 6, Mediamatic ETEN
Facebook event.