Austin Emerson


at the sun -

I am a musician, writer and engineer. Basically I am interested in the process of translating an idea into actuality.

With that comes collaboration. I do believe that two heads are better than one – and sometimes (*sometimes!) three or four. I'm searching for employment opportunities in Amsterdam/Holland/Europe (I lived in Amsterdam for 9 months in 2012, in the student housing in Prins Hendrikkade). My two main pursuits are music and writing, but basically the communicative capacity involved in both is "what I'm about." I am deeply interested in the interface between music and society (which also ties in with an interest in drugs and society), and to that end, I am attracted to the possibility of pursuing political, theoretical and technological goals through music (think Bob Marley and the Wailers, or how L.A. punk in the 1980s gave people a sense of place and belonging amidst a collapsing, alienating society). I found this site while researching the ideas of Kodwo Eshun, and am hoping to find some like-minded peers who are interested in collaborative possibilities.

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