Lab vs. Studio

Biotalk 16 - with Hongjie Yang, Nina van Bart, Caroline de Roy

20 Jan 2016

Will the future workspace of designers and artists transform from a studio into a laboratory? And what happens whey you take the laboratory inside your home? More and more designers are starting to work with materials such as living organisms or the human body. This asks for a different kind of workspace which is clean and offers the right tools. The work of Hongjie Yang and Caroline de Roy is produced in the lab, learn about their process and work methods at Biotalk!

Food from 18:00, talks begin at 20:00
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Human Tissue Vase by Hongjie Yang - On display at MU Gallery exhibition 'Body of Matter', photo by van Abbemuseum

With: Hongjie Yang

Hongjie Yang

In the future we might grow objects rather than make them. Designer Hongjie Yang investigates design implications of tissue engineering, a current strand in biotechnology that enables us to grow human tissue outside the human body. Hongjie experiments with growing objects of human tissue exploring new aesthetic and perceptual possibilities. Will the social coded distinctions between man and objects collapse?

Caroline de Roy

Two years ago Caroline joined the Myco Design Lab, a collaborative research project by the University of Utrecht, Officinal Corpuscoli and Mediamatic. Goal was finding new applications for the fungi Schyzophyllum. Fascinated by transparant materials such as glass and liquid, Caroline started looking for the transparent quality of mycelium (the roots of mushrooms) and if she could grow that. Her research has some amazing results, however, because she is working with a mutant, her work is not allowed to leave the lab unless the material is dead!


Sample studies by Caroline de Roy - As part of the Myco Design Lab Caroline de Roy is researching the Schyzophyllum in collaboration with the University of Utrecht, Officinal Corpuscoli and Mediamatic. caroline de roy

Nina van Bart

Nina van Bart is a designer and artist, graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Man & Identity department. Nina creates surrealistic atmospheres and unknown identities and make them become real, stimulate the senses and give experience and inspiration. For example in her graduation film project, the alchemist, she imagines the future of beauty. Nina predicts the bathroom will become a laboratory, with people engineering products by creating drifting mists, nutrient membranes and solidified balms.


Film still of The Alchemist by Nina van Bart - 'The Alchemist' is a trend forecast, a short film for the wellness industry with a new approach to body care and beauty treatments.


20th of January
Food from 18:00, talks begin at 20:00
Ticket: Pre-sale: €7,50 / Door: €10,-/ Student €5,00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam