The Soil Movement

exhibition - talks

25 Apr 2016
26 Aug 2016

The Soil Movement exhibition investigates new ways of revitalizing severe damaged ecosystems focusing on soil in the first chapter. The exhibited projects explore how to restore these damaged ecosystems and clean polluted places. At the same time these systems activate new methods to harvest food or to mine raw materials for example, in an ongoing circular process.


the_soil_movement_transnatural - GeoMerce

The Soil Movement is the first of a series of three Regeneration exhibitions with the subthemes of soil, water, and air.

GeoMerce / Gionata Gatto & Giovanni Innelli (IT)
Farming The Pollution / Giacomo Piovan (IT)
The Wandering Hole / Hannah Hiecke (GER)
Cocoon / Land Life Company (NL) /
Claynism / Masha Ru (RU)

NRW forum / Sustainica 2-6 June

Fungi Mutarium / Katharina Unger (AU)
System Synthetics / Maurizio Montalti (IT/NL)
Tjeerd Veenhoven (NL